Virtual Championship 2021

Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers Races for 2021 Club Championship

We anticipate this year's races being virtual until at least Easter but we'll keep you posted.

Race Date Championship Race Virtual Race
Jan 1st Captain Cook’s Fell Race Wass Woods
Jan 21st XC Ormesby Hall Buddha Run
Feb 11th Stockton, 5k Trail Holme House
Mar 4th XC Croft Goacher Farm
Apr 1st Hartlepool Marina Hartlepool 5 Miler
Apr 15th Spring Coast Rd 5k Sowerby Gateway Track
Apr 29th Gribdale Growler Fell Race  
May 13th HDSRL Nidd Valley  
May 27th Ripon 10  
June 10th HDSRL Skipton  
Jul 1st HDSRL   
July 12th Kilburn 7  
July 26th James Herriot 14k  
Aug 9th Darlington 10k  
Aug 19th Sessay Swift 6k  
Sept 13th Tholthorpe 10k  
Sept 27th Redcar Half Marathon  
Oct 25th Whixley 10k  
Nov 1st Guy Fawkes 10  
Nov/Dec XC to be arranged  

(e.o.d - enter on the day, at race)

Current Standings 2021

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Results are posted as First Past the Post and Age Adjusted

A minimum of 10 events to be completed, including at least 1 fell race, 1 cross country, one HDSRL event, one 10k and one 10 mile or half marathon, plus 1 short race of 5k or 6k.  Best 10 overall to count, including best 1 out of each category.

 Age adjusted races are in accordance with National Athletics Age Factor Tables.  

Points to be awarded after age adjustments to finish times as follows :-

1st male member - 50 points, ie. male member with quickest time after age adjustment.

2nd male member - 48 points

3rd male member 46 points, and so on.

Same process for female runners.

All members, who must be fully paid up, must wear club vests to be eligible for championship points. Click here for club membership details.

Trophies to be awarded at the club Christmas Dinner.

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Rules for all Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers virtual Championship races 2021.
  1.   Obey all Covid regulations at the time of running.
  2.   You must run only on the correct days as instructed for each race. 
  3.   You must run on the correct course as described each time, in the right direction and with any segments in the correct order.
  4.   Run in daylight hours for safety. 
  5.   Only submit your first attempt at running the course. You only get one chance in a real race!! 
  6.   Submit your times via the new link which will be sent out each time with the race instructions. This will have an automatic cut off time of 9pm on the final day of each race and make collating of the results much easier for those behind the scenes.  For those who think they may have a problem using this system please contact Adrian Saunders before the cut off time to arrange an alternative. 
  7.   Remember, for those with GPS watches , it is your ELAPSED time, not moving time, that needs to be sent in. 
  8.   Spot checks of results will be made on each race, so keep your evidence for a few days please.  

Race 2: Buddha Run (Ormesby xc): Thursday 21st January to Sunday 24th 2021.  3.04 miles. (1.52 at turnaround).
Submit results between 8am Thursday to 9pm Sunday via the button below.

The start is on the B1448, just before the junction with the A168, before you get to the golf course. There are no markers. The map and directions are easy to follow and short enough to check out before you race in your warm ups.

For those living in Thirsk it is close enough to run to and use as a warm up.
There is room to park a few cars but please keep them well apart, avoid driving if you can, and do not gather.
You are less likely to meet anyone if you go at quieter times. ie. early or later in the day and maybe choose the week days.
You don't have to meet anyone so please run alone where possible.

Members who live in Northallerton, Ripon and further afield please choose a muddy cross country trail and cover the same distance.(3.04 miles)  Backwards and forwards over the same track will do. It's better to take part safely and close to home.

Course Directions:

1 Start at the gate post next to Blue tanker, run uphill.

2. Right turn at path crossroads, follow the hedge.

3. Left turn follow the hedge (please do not cut across the field)

4. Run past the Buddha (on right) and follow the wood line (please do not cut across the field)

5. Turn right into the wood over the small bridge and follow the track along the fence line through the kissing gate about 200m (Not many passing places)

6. Turn around at the large ash tree and back to the start.

View Map Here

Submit Results Here

Race 3: Virtual Holme House Prison Trail 
Time: Thursday 11th Feb to Sunday 14th Feb.
Distance: 3.18 miles

1. The distance is between the two fixed points. If you run elsewhere you need to run 3.18 miles, on trail and it needs to be muddy.
Rob best describes this course as being tidal, wet to very wet and not easy, so choose the time you run carefully. 

2. We are still in lockdown and under strict restrictions so you can start from either end. If you start at the cemetery then please park at the Athletic Club and not on the road.

3. On this course there are 4 kissing gates. Two on the way out, two on the way back. They are awkward, ankle deep in mud and you will loose time. To make things fair, those not running on the course will have 20 seconds (5 seconds per gate) added to your  time. This will be done automatically when you submit your times.

4. Don't forget to submit your times before the 9pm cut off time on Sunday 14th Feb using the link below and we'll try to get the results out much quicker than last time. Enjoy!

Click here for Course maps & photos

Click here for Course Description

Submit your race results here

Race 4: Croft Cross Country
Time: Thurs 4th March to Sunday 7th March.
Distance: 4 miles  (180ft of ascent)

Many thanks to the Goacher family for organising this race. Please respect this is a working farm.

1. If you are outside the catchment area and you want to take part then you need to replicate the same distance, ascent etc.

2. Most of the race is on private land and it is also a working farm. Access is only available between 9am and 4pm on the four race days. The gates will be closed outside these times. There is no access before or after the race dates. 

3. If you can, walk the route first. It will be well marked. 

4. PARKING. Please do not park in the village. Park out side the play park at the bottom of Bagby as you come up from the A19 .

5. Race start is approx 400 metres from from the play park on the left hand side. The start and finish yet again is a dog waste bin near a public footpath sign. 

6. Study the map before hand. You go out on one public footpath/trail and come back on a different one. Make sure you take the correct route. 

7. Submit results via the link below by 9pm Sun 7th.

Click here for Course maps & photos

Click here for Course Description

Submit your race results here

Race 5: Hartlepool 5 Miler
Time: Thurs 1st April to Sunday 4th April
Distance: 5.2 miles  

1. Please see link below for map and details.
2. Distance is slightly over 5.2 miles.
You have to run the full distance between two fixed points. Don't stop running when your watch says five miles.
3. There are a couple of sharp bends on the way out and the way back. Run facing the traffic and keep well to the side of the road. Don't run in groups and don't run side by side.
4. Submit results via the link below by 9pm Sun 7th April.

Click here for Course maps & photos

Submit your race results here

Race 6: Spring Coast Road  
Time: Thurs 15th April to Sunday 18th April
Distance: 5k   

This one is for all you parkrun or notparkrun fans. It's spring, you should all be in good shape and this is the perfect time to clock up a good time. It's flat, it's fast and provided you pick a good weather slot you will not get a better chance to post a pb. 

1. 5 full laps of the Sowerby Gateway Track.
Any time Thursday to Sunday, but don't run in the dark. 

2. Run on either the black or the red, it doesn't matter. Don't run on the grass and stay on the track at all times. Remember, five full laps.

3. Don't run in groups and don't run side by side.
4. Submit results via the link below by 9pm Sun 18th April.

Submit your race results here

Race 7: Gribdale Growler Fell Race
Time: Thurs 29th April to Sunday 2nd May
Distance:  5.63 miles  

1. Please see link below for details and fabulous photos.
2. Distance is 5.63 miles with 650' ascent.
Only run in daylight hours, and try to run at quieter times if you can (it is bank holiday weekend)
4. Submit results via the link below by 9pm Sun 2nd May.

Click here for Course Description

Submit your race results here

Race 8: HDSL Nidd Valley
Time: Thurs 13th May to Sunday 16th May
Distance:  5.84 miles  

1. Please read attached details carefully and see links below for map and photos.
2. 5.84 mile / 9.4k with around 200' of ascent. This is open to guests and members, and is farm road, track and trail.

3. Route - some of you will remember this from last year:
- Start 
at the barn on Stoneybrough Lane (NOT on the A61 road)
- Run towards, and go over the flyover
- Turn right onto the path and follow it all the way to the A170
- Turn left onto the A170, then almost immediately, cross the road at Plump Bank Farm
 - Turning right onto the track all the way to Moor Lane Road, when you hit the tarmac, turn round and come all the way back to where you started from.

4. Submit results via the link below by 9pm Sun16th May.

Click here for Course map
photo of start

Aerial Course map

photo of start
photo of turn round point
Submit your race result here

Race 9: The Alternative Ripon 10
Time: Thurs 27th May to Sunday 30th May
Distance:   10.1 miles (16.3k)
Elevation 777 feet (237 metres)
(Mileage and elevation within metres of the Ripon 10 course)
Submit results via the link below by 9pm Sun 30th May.

Same as last year; enjoy!!
Lot’s of instructions, but it’s easier to navigate than it sounds.  Why not check out the route beforehand.
You can blame me for this one!! Ripon 10 is a very tough course and this alternative route has been set to test us all just as much.  The route has been set so that you return back to your car after 4.7miles; for those that require water.
We are all able to run this route so go on, GIVE IT A GO.

The starting point is from a small car park near a plantation on the Cleveland Road that runs from Sutton Bank to Sneck Yate.  Old Byland junction.  (The three word location is CAPTURES.MEANDERS.USERS)

The route is easy to navigate round, and some points will be familiar to you.
Start from the car park and head west along the footpath, across the field till you reach the Cleveland way.  Take a left and run along the Cleveland way (this part is the same as a fortnight ago).  At 2.75 miles you will reach the road at the top of Sutton Bank;
Take a left along the road, passed Sutton Bank visitors centre and take the road heading towards Cold Kirby.  At 3.5 miles turn left along Cleveland Road to reach your car at 4.7 miles.
Have a quick water stop if required. (Don’t stop your watch though)

Head west again along the same footpath as before and again you will reach the Cleveland way.  This time take a right and run along the Cleveland way to High Barn.  Go straight passed the barn (5.7miles) until you reach Sneck Yate bank at 6.25 miles.  Cross the road and into the wood and continue running along the Cleveland way joining Paradise Road at 6.75 miles.

You’ll love this hill !! Up to High Paradise Farm; NO STOPPING….. run straight passed till you hit the Hambleton Road (some will know this as the Drove road). Take a right when you hit the Drove road and this will bring you straight to Sneck Yate car park.  You are now over 8 miles.

Go straight over the road junction and run along the road back to your car (this is Studley Drive). You should reach your car at 9.2 miles and like Ripon 10, it’s not over just yet.
For one last time (your third time) you need to run west from the car park along to footpath; when you reach the gate near the Cleveland way (ie half a mile) turn around and run back to your car.


Click Here for Course Route

Submit race results here

Race 10: The Alternative Skipton HDSL - 'Kilburn Duck Race'
Date: Thurs 10th June to Sunday 13th June
Distance:   5.08 miles (8.17k)
Elevation 771 feet (235 metres)

Submit results via the link below by 9pm Sun 13th June.

Why not check out the route beforehand.

This alternative route has been set to test us all just as much as Skipton HDSRL race, with a lovely hill to the turn around point.  The route is an out and back; so very easy to navigate.

We are all able to run this route so go on, GIVE IT A GO.

The starting point is from Osgodby car park, near Kilburn (postcode YO7 2AW).  3 word location CROWNED.EMAIL.RECLAIMED Where we have done time trails from.  (In fact the first mile is our TT route)

Start from the car park (at the gate) on the main track in Kilburn woods.  After 0.5 miles keep on the main track (there is a path that go up on the right, but ignore this).
At mile one you have a 0.15mile climb before you descend to a junction at 1.3miles.  At the junction turn left.
When you hit mile 2 you are at the start of the hill; climb the hill till you reach the junction at 2.45miles and take a left, still climbing, until you reach the turn around point.  This is the gate (the hairpin bend on Sutton Bank). approx. 2.56 miles.
Retrace your tracks back to Osgodby car park, obviously taking the first right then back down the hill.  Reaching the junction at 3.8miles, turn right again and follow the track home and stop your watch as you pass the gate.

Click here for photos and map

Submit race results here

Race 11: HDSLR Thirsk
Date: Thurs 1st July to Sunday 4th July
Distance:   6.9m (11.1k)
Route: Sutton Bank to Sneck Yat & back

Submit results via the link below by 9pm Sun 4th July.

As most of you know, we are part of the HDSRL (Harrogate District Summer Race League).  This year HDSRL have already set up 6 virtual races and are hosting 2 physical races.
The 6 virtual races can be run anytime between now and September 2021.
Thirsk has set one of the six virtual races.  The date for Thirsk is Thursday 1st July to Sunday 4th July; you can run it outside these dates however you will only qualify for HDSRL if you do.

Option 1.
If you would like to take part in the above races, please go to the following link
You need to enter ONCE for the full series, cost is £9 after entering the discount code 977TASH please DO NOT CIRCULATE THIS CLUB OUTSIDE OUR CLUB.  (Double check to see if your name is on the list already, as you may have registered before Covid and carried forward into this year)
Please only use this option if you intend to  run the series, as it is at a cost to the club.
Once registered please follow the instructions on the website.

Option 2:
If you would just like to do the Thirsk HDSRL then we are setting the dates as Thursday 1st July to Sunday 4th July as normal, please enter your time below.
The race is similar to Gribdale Growler Fell Race, a little bit longer and with a different finish.
Good luck everyone!

Click here for photos & map

Submit race result here

Save the date: 13th March, 2022

2022 Thirsk 10


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