Weekly Blog: w/c 12/08/13

Monday 12th August. 7pm.  On the Flatts. (Behind the swimming pool)  Sprints, circuits, even dancing would you believe!!

Wednesday 14th August. 7pm.  Athletic Club. There is also a fell race and it much depends how we recover from the 10k this Sunday as to what we do. However, we will be doing something.

We will not have a training session on August 21st, I am giving you all the night off to rest in preparation of the Sessay Swift Six!! Have you all sent your entries in yet?

Sunday 11th August Darlington 10k.
Ok. It’s now up to you. We’ve trained together for 3 months and have now reached our peak!! Just trust in your training and believe in yourself.  
Leave your watch in the car and run like the wind.

Good luck and see you soon,

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