Tour of Tameside 2018 – Ian Crane

The area of Tameside encompasses the towns and villages of Ashton-u-lyne, Stalybridge, Hyde Mottram and Glossop.

The original week – long Tour was founded in 1983 by marathon legend Dr Ron Hill MBE who lives on the outskirts of Hyde, Cheshire. The multi-day running event was brought back to Tameside in 2015 as a 4 day running event. The races take place at different venues each day – hence the name ‘Tour of Tameside’.

Ian was born and raised in Ashton-u-lyne and lived there until 1986. He still has strong ties to the area as his family members still live there, hence the hankering to complete this tour. Ian ran for many years, since senior school, around the hills of Ashton-u-lyne. Good training for his future races for Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers in the 1990’s.

This year began with Stage 1, the X-Trail 10K, the evening event taking place around two country parks in Ashton-u-lyne before moving onto Stage 2 on Friday evening with the infamous ‘Hell on the Fell’ 6 mile race in Stalybridge.

Stage 3 on Saturday morning took on the 13.1 mile ‘Hero Half Marathon’ along the Longdendale Trail in Glossop and the final days race began early on Sunday morning with the classic ‘Dr Ron Hill Seven Mile Road Race’ around the town centre of Hyde, Cheshire.

The tour also opens up for Single Stage entries for those wishing to run one, two or three of the individual days. Around 1,000 runners participated this year.

Ian took on the challenge of completing all four races and successfully completed them all relatively unscathed, due to careful planning, training and pacing himself. There were 389 runners who entered all four events and 24 of those did not finish, which shows how tough the event is. The winner of all four races completed the full tour in just over 3 hours which shows his overall fitness. He was amazing.

Ian completed the full tour in 5 hours 5mins and 53 secs, coming in at 238th out of 389 runners and 4th out of 11 in his age group. Again, a great achievement.

Here is a breakdown of each race:

Race Time Overall position Age category position


X-Trail 10K 55mins 17secs 307/534 4th/11
Hell on the Fell 6 mile  1hr 5secs 286/438 4th/11
Hero Half Marathon 2hrs 8mins 27sec 363/539 7th/12
7 Mile Road Race 59mins 24 secs 295/645 4th/12
Tour of T’side (overall) 5hrs 5mins 53secs 238/389 4th/11


I hope this will inspire others in the club to take part next year. If there are any members willing to take on the challenge, Ian will consider doing this again with you. He found the experience very satisfying and rewarding, especially due to the comradeship between all the athletes competing.


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