Race Report 27/10/20

The virtual Whixley 10k, actually about 7 miles, was once again set up by Rob Burn, with superb maps and photographs supplied by Marc Davies to clarify the route for anyone who was uncertain.  You could choose any of 4 days to run, and those who ran on Sunday had glorious weather if they had time to look at the beautiful views from Sutton Bank along the Cleveland Way, though they had to cope with extra water on the course after the non-stop rain on Saturday.  On other days, you could have got very wet indeed!  Once more there was a good turnout, with 62 members and guests completing the course, and once again, Tom Levi was the fastest finisher, taking 48.00 minutes.  In 2nd place was Matt Jones in 48.50 with Josh Fothergill 3rd in 49.44, Stephan Tomaszewski 4th in 50.08, Rob Burn 5th in 55.41, the improving Gary Wilkinson 6th in 55.48, Alan Simpson 7th in 55.48, Jody Sygrove 8th in 57.40, Brett Edgeworth 9th in 58.32 and David Tervitt 10th in 59.21.  Other men taking part were Andy Butcher, Rob Lickley, Paul Chapman, Adrian Saunders, Marc Davies, Martyn Coy, Duncan Fothergill, Pedro Carrasco, Dave Baker, Geoff Bullock, Steve Billings, Ken Evitt, Paul Van Der Westhuisen, James Stephenson, Paul Adams, Alan Wikeley, Paul Goacher, and Ian Codling.
The ladies also had the usual winner, the consistent Esther Harrison, who took 53.15 minutes.  Trudy Morrice, also running well, came 2nd in 55.02, with Lorraine Hiles 3rd in 57.06, Louise Mayfield 4th in 61.55, Clare Tempest 5th in 62,35, Helen Ashworth 6th in 63.46, Kirsty Naylor 7th in 66.42, Faith Coy 8th in 69.12, Jill Libby 9th in 69.52 and Lindsay Goom 10th in 70.07.  Others involved were Trish Radford, Jo Hunt, Sonja Van Der Westhuisen, Alison Butcher, Bev Davies, Margaret Wikeley, Christine Burn, Kimberli Werner, Rosie Gatenby, Sharon Keegan, Liz Stephenson, Sarah Goacher, Sara Langstaff, Heather Bell and Molly Kirkhope,  Well done, everyone!
If you thought running 7 miles along the Cleveland Way in the rain with 45 mph winds was hard, imagine completing the 55 mile Hardmoors race with 2000 feet of ascent along there from Guisborough to Helmsley,  which is what Paul Peacock, David Fawkes and Mike Lowther achieved on Saturday.  Paul took 10.52.35, David 11.29.41 and Mike 13.01.30.  Tracey Lowther completed 33.56 miles in 10.14, just missing the 10 hour cut-off point for that stage and Phillip Craig reached 31.4 miles in 10.16.19.  A fantastic effort for all of them.

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