Race Report 26/07/21

How happy Harriers were to be running in an actual race, even though the James Herriot 14k Trail race is one of the toughest for miles around!  In fact, the club categorises it as a fell race in its Club Championship, and it is probably as hard as many a fell race, especially on a warm, humid day.  Runners were started off in waves to keep them as safe as possible in the pandemic and 32 tired and exhausted members completed the run out of the 178 finishers.  Although Tom Levi crossed the line first, he was in fact 2nd by time, 45.67, though I’m sure he enjoyed the pleasure of “breaking the tape”!  Paul Peacock finished 5th by time in 56.63, Matt Jones 10th in 59.22, Josh Cooper 24th in 63.08, Lorraine Hiles 50th in 70.63, Alan Simpson 53rd in 70.75, David Tervit 62nd in 73.38, Brett Edgeworth 64th in 73.67, Mike Lowther 65th in 73.90, Marc Davies 72nd in 75.22, Kirsty Naylor 73rd in 75.38, Andy Butcher 81st in 76.32, Pedro Carrasco 83rd in 76.53, Dave Baker 97th in 79.07, Duncan Fothergill 99th in 79.22, Amber Westron 100th in 79.27, Geoff Bullock 111th in 81.73, Adrian Saunders 114th in 82.35, Clare Tempest 118th in 83.28, Rosie Gatenby 127th in 87.37, Trish Radford 132nd in 88.90, Tracey Lowther 139th in 91.98, Alison Butcher 148th in 96.48, James Stephenson 158th in 102.00, Bev Davies 162nd in 102.48, Richard Easby 163rd in 103.28, Margaret Wikeley 168th in 109.27, Kimberli Werner 171st in 111.47, Christine Burn 172nd in 115.17 and Liz Stephenson 177th in 126.47.  Very many congratulations to all those very determined and courageous runners!
As a carry over from last year, Gary Wilkinson completed the Durham Coastal Half Marathon along the coast from Seaham to Crimdon Beach and finished 128th out of 302 in a very creditable 2.14.13.
 Meanwhile, thousands of runners throughout the country were delighted to welcome back Park Run, with organisers requesting that runners respect social distancing, which they were only too happy to do.  Among the 275 at Fountains Abbey, Adrian Elsworth took PB 21.55, Mike Cropper 22.25, Katie Rees PB 26.58, Marian Codling 45.03 and Ian Codling 46.45.  
6 members were among the 170 finishers at Northallerton, including new member, Bronwyn Mayo, 19th and 1st lady, in 21.19, Duncan Fothergill 24.50, Katie Wadsworth 29.41, newly shorn Phillip Craig in 30.08, Hugh Jenyns in 35.17 and Diana Williams 37.37.  
Among 156 finsihers at Millfield, Gary Wilkinson took PB 23.30, Faith Coy 27.45 and Trish Radford PB 28.06.  All in all, a happy band of runners, and a big thankyou to all the volunteers who make these things happen.

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