Race Report 19/01/21

Members continue to run, though on their own and in spite of all the difficulties, and take encouragement from being a part of the club.  Rob Burn’s weekly newsletters give suggestions for sessions, and social media brings people together.  Hugh Jennyns, a re-joined member after a lapse of a few years has found the camaraderie and friendship inspiring, even though we are not at the moment able to meet together as a club, and when we did, it was in the dark.  This is a common theme with new members, who all talk of the friendship in the club.  Hugh says the £35 fee is a snip when compared with, say, gym membership, and hopes that before long normal service may be resumed!  And so say all of us!
A week or two ago, a call was put out for members to consider volunteering to help with the vaccine distribution at Northallerton Forum, and needless to say, several members were quick to step in.  One of them, Steve Billings, says how rewarding he has found it, and the gratitude of older people, many of whom have virtually not been out of their homes since March, is very moving.  Volunteers direct visitors with car parking or help when inside the Forum, and all runs smoothly.  No queues, says Steve, and with vaccines being distributed 12 hours a day, perhaps we can at last begin to see some reason for optimism? 
There is even talk that it may be possible to arrange a Thirsk 10 date before the year is out.  Fingers crossed!

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