Race Report 16/04/19

A very busy weekend saw 20 members among the almost 400 finishers at the Hartlepool Marina 5 Mile race on Sunday.  The cold wind made for discomfort at the start, and was a nuisance on the outward leg along the flat promenade, but made for easier going on the return leg.  The conditions suited many people, with some fast times being recorded, and Tom Levi continued his superb form to come 8th in 27.39.  Stephan Tomaszewski always rises to the occasion and came 65th in 31.51, and Mike Cropper, another who is achieving good results, was 84th in 33.30.  Just about everyone was pleased with their time, with Andy Butcher 108th in 35.05, David Tervit 121st in 35.39, Esther Harrison 128th in 35.58, Duncan Fothergill 182nd in 39.00, Kirsty Naylor 189th in 39.13, Adrian Elsworth 201st in 39.54, Geoff Bullock 219th in 41.29, Clare Tempest 222nd in 41.42, Alison Butcher 284th in 45.07, closely followed by Joanne Hunt, 285th in 45.12, Carrie-Anne Wise 298th in 46.16, Rosie Gatenby 312th in 47.02, Jemma Cropper 342nd in 50.15, Christine Burn 351st in 51.32, Liz Stephenson 374th in 55.39, Ian Codling 387th in 63.11 and Marian Codling 389th in 63.49.  

The previous Wednesday evening saw 29 members at the Spring Coast Road 5k at Redcar, with similar conditions, out and back race, cold wind, by the sea, in another Club Championship race and once again it all suited runners, with lots of PB and SB times. Those who achieved PBs were Tom Levi, again 8th, this time in 16.57, Andy Butcher, 21.27, David Tervit 22.16, Duncan Fothergill 23.59, and Carries Anne Wise 27.56.  Season’s best were attained by Liz Stephenson, 33.10 and Marian Codling, 39.28.  Others taking part were Joshua Fothergill, 18.26, Ken Wood 18.44, Stephan Tomaszeski 19.20, Mike Cropper 19.24, Esther Harrison 21.02, David Baker 23.06, Martyn Coy 21.52, Adrian Saunders 22.09, Clare Tempest 25.11, Andres Colls 25.17, Jill Libby 25.41, Faith Coy 25.53, Nigel Morgan 27.16, Alison Butcher 27.39, Joanne Hunt 27.50, Molly Mayes 28.51, Rosie Gatenby 29.07, Christine Burn 31.01, Jemma Cropper 31.15, Tracy Hayden 35.02 and Ian Codling 37.45.    

A tougher challenge presented at the Gisborough Moors Fell Race on Sunday, over 12.5 miles with 2200 feet of ascent including Captain Cook’s Monument and Roseberry Topping.  140 runners took part, David Fawkes going well to come 39th in 109.35, Josh Cooper 46th in 112.16, Alan Simpson 85th in 129.36, Lorraine Hiles 88th in 131.09 and Marc Davies 90th in 131.09.  Lorraine picked up the prize for 1st F50.  

Park Runs had their usual popular following, with 10 members, Lily Coy, Martyn Coy, Paul Adams, Ian Crane, Gillian Crane, Linda Bamforth, Reuben Coy, Faith Coy, Naomi Wood and David Palmer among the 446 at Fountains Abbey.  Mike Cropper was 7th out of 119 at Northallerton, in PB 20.18 and Alan Simpson came 27th out of 236 in 22.00 at the Dalby Forest event.


Some of the members at the Spring Coast Road 5k at Redcar last week.

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