Race Report 06 October

Along with a reputed 45000, Lorraine Hiles, Clare Tempest and Phillip Craig completed a Virtual London Marathon in their own area, and whilst the girls chose to run a repetitive course on roads, Phillip did an off road course.  The advantage of  lapped on road course was that it had a regular water and feed station, supported by members and family, and including volunteers from Herriot Hospice Homecare, in aid of which Lorraine and Clare were running. ( Donations are welcome on the just giving page).  After a day of non-stop rain on Saturday, the day dawned bright and sunny on Sunday, for which the runners were thankful, though there was plenty of evidence of water on the road in places.  Lorraine had hoped to finish in under 4 hours, which she did, taking 3.36.32, and Clare was just over, in 4.02.48.  Phillip, on his harder, off road course in preparation for a 55 mile race for which he is in training, took 7.01.03. Congratulations to all – their tee shirts and medals should arrive in due course!
Meanwhile, over the same course, and thus able to take advantage of the water stations, other members of the club completed the Virtual Redcar Half Marathon, though not all ran on the Sunday, and on other days, may have had to cope with wind or heavy rain.  Stephan Tomaszewski was fastest, in 1.30.06, Paul Peacock 1.34.25, Rob Burn 1.37.12, Esther Harrison, 1st lady again, 1.39.00, Trudy Morrice 1.41.26, Jody Sygrove 1.43.11, Alan Simpson 1.43.20, Gary Wilkinson 1.44.43, Adrian Saunders 1.48.06, Lorraine Hiles 1.50.14, Pedro Carrasco 1.51.52, Clare Tempest 2.53.02, Geoff Bullock 1.55.29, Kirsty Naylor 1.55.55, just pipping Marc Davies 2.59.59, Duncan Fothergill 1,59.59,  Rosie Gatenby 2.02.56,  Martyn Coy 2.03.57, Steve Billings 2.08.08, Andy and Alison Butcher running together, 2.10.22, Trish Radford 2.11.31, Ken Evitt 2.12.35, Steph Hawkins 2.14.58, Christine Burn 2.39.50, Bev Davies 2.44.01 and Sharon Keegan 2.52,34.  For Christine and Bev, it was their first half marathon.  Very well done to everyone.

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