Nicola Jenkins at the Ripon Tri – her report

It was a rather hot and balmy day as I set off on Saturday afternoon for my second ever Olympic distance triathlon, held in the beautiful surroundings at Ripon racecourse. Upon arrival we were informed it was a non wetsuit race as the water temperature was too high. As the wetsuit offers buoyancy and a slightly “easier” swim this seemed to upset a few of the competitors. However once my fellow swimmers and I hit the water – accompanied by the sound of an amazing group of drummers – it became apparent this was a very wise choice.

It was a hard, busy and warm 1500m swim. A few knocks, bumps and kicks along the way as all are fighting for a little space (and some are not so good at swimming in straight lines).

Out the water, straight onto the bike, the air felt very close for the 40k cycle. Even the wind offered little reprieve, as that too was a warm head wind in places.

Cycle over, as I dismounted and started to run/shuffle/walk my bike back to my spot in transition, the prospect of running the 10k in the sweltering heat, with tired, achy legs was not good. After a brief conversation with myself, arguing with every fibre in my body, I forced myself to somewhat plod off, determined not to stop and with some new found stubborness and the help of some local residents’ water sprinklers, hoses and water guns, I managed to complete in, what is for me, on the day, a respectable time.

I am not a triathlete. I am first and foremost a swimmer, more recently a runner, and hopefully one day a slightly quicker cyclist. I therefore would seriously recommend it to anyone who fancies a go. It is a well organised, local, family friendly day, brilliant atmosphere and caters for all abilities. And above all, you can’t beat that sense of achievement when you cross the finish line.

My Stats for the day; 
Overall position – 491
Overall category position F35-39 – 13 

Swim – 00:32:02 pos 336 
Trans – 00:02:07 
Bike – 01:31:42 pos 592
Trans – 00:01:52 
Run – 00:55:10 pos 351 
Total time – 03:02:55

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