Ladies excel on the Fells again

Another record turnout saw 37 Harriers at the recent HDSRL fixture at Sicklinghall, hosted by Wetherby Runners.  There were 289 runners in total on a pleasant evening for running over a severely undulating, not to say hilly, course, with lovely supper to follow!  Steve Middleton continued his excellent form to come in 26th in a time of 28.48, followed by Dan Holdsworth 31st in 29.15, Stephan Tomaszewski 33rd in 29.19,  and Craig Lee, in his first outing for the club, a very promising 35th in 29.21.  Walter Busuttil was next, 46th in 30.06,  Rob Burn 78th in 31,53,  Merv Burn 101st in 33.11,  Graham Robinson 106th in 33.37,  Matt Jones 107th in 33.44,  Martyn Coy 108th in 33.50,  Bryan Miller, improving all the time, 139th in 35.34,  Nicola Booth 148th in 36.07,  David Shorrocks 152nd in 36.27,  Hywel Smith 155th in 36.39, just pipping the ever competitive Hilary Coventry 156th in 36.42,  Steve Scott 160th in 36.49,  Helen Ashworth 168th in 37.22,  Fran Jeffery 175th in 37.41,  Rebecca Hartley 181st in 38.07,  Nicloa Jenkins 186th in 38.12,  Brian Smith 196th in 38.48,  Paul Goacher 221st in 40.22,  Marc Davies, getting back into running after an injury, 228th in 41.24,  Claire Gillan 232nd in 42.07,   Malcolm Aitken 234th in 42.24,  Clare Goacher 242nd in 43.02,  Christine Burn 258th in 44.13,  Lisa Brown 259th in 44.26,  Janet Balmain 263rd in 45.25,  Andy Peckitt 266th in 45.35,  Andrea Almack 269th in 46.04,  Phillip Craig 271st in 46.28,  Sharon Keegan 278th in 49.36,  Cath Lumb 279th in 49.39,  Ian Codling 281st in 50.30,  Marian Codling 288th in 55.31 and Bev Davies 289th in 55.57.

  We have a very enthusiastic group of fell runners at the moment, and 13 of them turned out for the recent Wharlton Run, Race 5 of the summer series, on a fine warm evening for running.  Noel Clough led members home, 20th in 49.00, followed by Lorraine Hiles 43rd in 53.32,  Graham Robinson 45th in 54.35,  Nicola Booth 66th and 1st F50 in 58.00,  Helen Ashworth 69th in 59.11,  Hilary Coventry 74th in 60.09,  Rebecca Hartley 76th in 60.20,  Pat Kirby 78th and 1st F60 in 60.35,  Fran Jeffery 78th in 61.28,  John Bishop 88th in 64.25,  Nicola Jenkins 94th in 66.44,  Bryan Miller 100th in 77.30 and Claire Gillan 106th in 87.30.  On an excellent night, our ladies teams carried off 1st and 3rd team prizes, keeping them all well topped up with wine!

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