Work Away The Christmas Blues

We are having a Christmas training session on wednesday 28th, Athletic Club 7pm. It was a good turn out last week and the majority favoured doing the same this coming week. Ie. 6 x 3min/ 1 rec. Please bring a head torch. Those who are racing, just ease down a little.
At home, we are experiencing under floor heating for the first time. It is great and we like it however our lovely green Christmas tree doesn’t! It is about to shed it’s last needle at this very moment. Even the fairy doesn’t look very happy.
We have the mother-in-law staying with us this Christmas so its best behavour at all times. We went to Scarborough yesterday to collect her. On the way back we called at a Farm Shop for a coffe and a cake. It was here I offered to buy her a ticket to see Santa but she wouldn’t have it!! No wonder the young ones today think old people are boring!!  
Have a lovely Christmas and see you soon, Rob

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