Weekly Blog: W/C 19/08/13

Monday 19th August. 7pm. The Flatts.  I see we have a race meeting once again.

Thursday 22nd August. 7.30pm. Sessay Swift Six. No Club training this week. You can save all your energy for the race.

I think last weeks training, both the Monday and the Wednesday session were the best completed sets of the year. There was some fast running, everyone was focused and it was a joy to be part of it. Thank you for joining in.

Lets get out there on Thursday night and lets all go for a PB. The target time you should be looking for is:

Take your average time per Kilometre from your recent 10k race.  ie. if you did 50 mins then its 5min per k.
Multiply it by 6 =  30 mins.  
Subtract 1 minute =  29 mins. This should be your Target.

See you all very, very soon.


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