Training w/c 9th November

Running is the easy bit! It’s when you can’t run that the problems start to occur. We are on lockdown once again and club training has stopped for the next four weeks. Such a pity as we were just starting to get organised and starting to put some good training sessions together. Remember, this is my first winter of total outside training and I’m learning to adjust with the elements just like you. 
I’m going continue to put a few training sessions out each week for you to follow if you wish. They are a guidance and as much for encouragement as anything else. Everyone will need to help one another on this one. If you want a chat, need a little encouragement then please give me a call. I’ll be as pleased to hear from you and will be only too pleased to help if I can. Christine and I will be following the same schedule and will probably carry on with our core work on the Gateway. We need a little rest so will not be doing the intervals at the same time. If it’s windy and we need a little shelter we’ll probably do them in Kilburn woods instead. 

Mon/Tuesday. 9/10th Nov.   
5 x 3 mins @ 5 k pace/ 1 min recovery run @ 10 mile pace.  There is no reason to stop running. Just ease off a little and start again. You need 10 mins warm up and cool down.  

Wed/ Thurs/ Fri. 11th -13th Nov.   
10 mins warm up/ 10 mins down.  25 mins steady running with a 30 second burst every 2 minutes.  Depending on your fitness will depend on the intensity of your effort. If you are in good shape then stride out accordingly. No pressure. You will enjoy this one.

Weekend long run
70 to 80 mins on hills. 

The only reason I have put the longer intervals early in the week was because we have been running virtual races on a Thursday onwards. Ideally, you should be running the longer intervals in the middle of the week. If you prefer you can swop these around. 

The Guy Fawkes 10 is the last virtual Club Championship for the moment but it is hoped to fit in a couple of time trials so the Christmas Handicap can happen sometime in December. Most of you need to run a couple so you can qualify. There only two Championship races left, both xcountries and we hope these will take place straight after lockdown finishes on the 2nd December. These will take place on working farms so quite a little planning will have to take place first. It needs to be safe for us all. The instructions are to make the course 3 to 4 mile long, 2 to 3 laps and ankle deep in mud!! Everyone is to run the same distance and course. These will be tough so you will need to be in good shape to run them.  This will be running at it’s very, very best. Please keep a focus and continue to train as before. 

The first weekend in December we all get together as a family and walk down our back field and choose a Christmas tree. The Grand children choose, we then chop it down and as a team we carry it back home and pop it up in the house. Grandma Chris and girls spend the afternoon decorating the tree. Last year the little one said we’d chopped down the wrong tree and walked away in a paddy, the two older ones tried to sneak off with the chocolate decorations we try to hide from them and Grandma Chris can’t always quite make up her mind which is the best side of the tree to put to the front. All quite serious stuff that has to take place in the days coming up to Christmas. 
Christine has already baked three Christmas cakes. (please, don’t ask me why she bakes three but she does like to give them away.  I like eating them too. )  I’m told the production line of mince pies will start this coming week . The presents are yet to be bought and wrapped. Christmas is going to happen. We just don’t quite know how or maybe we don’t even know when!

Stay safe, stay well and keep smiling. Rob  

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