Training w/c 3 Jan 21

Training for the week commencing:  3rd January 2021

Monday 4th January. 6.50pm.  6.50 Sowerby Gateway. 
We’re back!! 
2 or 3 groups depending on all abilities and who turns up!!.  Warm up and core work.  Grass group. 4 x 4 mins/ 1 min rec  We will build as the weeks go by. 

Wednesday 6thJan. 6.50 Sowerby Gateway.
Warm ups and core work . Shorter intervals on the track. 3 to 4 laps again depending on groups, abilities and how many turn out.      

A word from Rob:
Last Wednesday a third of those who came to training were new members. Welcome to Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers. Twelve altogether. ( 10 boys, 2 girls)  We managed two full sets of core work and two full laps on the grass of intervals. The coldest night so far of the winter. Frozen grass, a full moon and a clear night sky full of stars as far as you could see. Not one of them mentioned the cold and they all said they will be running in Wass Woods this weekend. What a hardened bunch of athletes they are!! 
The days are already getting longer and spring isn’t too far away. Time to build and join in. Let’s train and support one another to greater achievements in 2021. 

 Reflection: My GPS/ cardio watch tells me that I have achieved 100% more training in 2020 than in any of the previous five years. I’ve also improved my 5k time by 3% ( 45 seconds) It seems such a large effort for such a small improvement. At the age of 67 you wouldn’t expect to be running faster than you were two or three years earlier but it’s nice when you are. At the moment I don’t want to look too far into the future but I’d like my focus for 2021 to take part and compete in the World Mountain running Championships in Austria. Will we be able to travel this next September? Meanwhile it’s going to be a mixture of not dong too much and trying to keep injury free. 
 Happy New Year everyone and hopefully 2021 will be your best ever year yet.

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