Training w/c 16th November

Monday 16th November. 
10 mins warm up. 5 x 4 mins @ 10k pace/effort with 1 min recovery.   10 mins easy cool down. You should be looking to run these efforts on grass, we have a x country coming up soon. It doesn’t matter if the grass is heavy going but run at 10 k intensity. 

Wednesday 18th November.
There is going to be a Christmas handicap. This your second from last chance to run a two mile qualifying time trial before we run the handicap. 
Remember, any where and any time during the day, as long as it is two mile you will qualify. If you run on the Gateway then it is 3.2 laps, on the red and to the left of the White Line.( to make us all equal)  Send your time into Duncan ( and a little kiss too!) as soon as you have completed please. 

Weekend long run.
70 to 80 mins steady on the hills. Remember to push out over the top of the climbs.

 As long as the Government give us the go ahead we are hoping to run the cross country from Thursday the 3rd Dec.  If everyone behaves themselves I’m sure Boris will give us the green flag. It will be suitable for spikes so now is the time to be trying them out. You should be increasing the intensity of your shorter runs too. At worst it’s going to be a little like a parkrun with a bit bit added on at the end. Expect to be slightly outside of your comfort zone when you finish but I’m sure you will enjoy it. 

  Keep smiling ,Rob

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