Training w/c 14th December

Monday 14th December. 6.50pm. Sowerby Gateway.
30 mins of warm ups and core work. 8 x 3 mins /1 min rolling recovery, on grass. Shorter intervals on the track.

Wednesday 16th December. 6.50 pm Sowerby Gateway.
Christmas Handicap.
30 mins warm ups and core work. This will not affect your handicap performance!
Try and run your Christmas Handicap where you have run your time trials over these past few months. Duncan has worked your handicap time out on these times. You will not know your handicap time before you run so it’s a matter of head down, roll your sleeves up and don’t look back. Those coming to training can run on the Gateway track. As always it’s 3.2 laps, on the red and to the left of the white line. If you cross the white line you will not be running the correct distance.

Weekend long run..
75 mins on rolling hills. Try and find some reasonably clean trails. Perhaps too much of a challenge but I hate the roads at this time of year ( or any time of the year actually) because of poor visibility.

Last week we ran the cross country. A fantastic turn out with 73 finishers. Still one or two names missing from the finishing list but we have another one lined up for late January next year. Your time will come! Where were all the little ones on this last one too?

Thank you Alan and Margaret for letting us put muddy tracks all around your farm. I hope we didn’t put your hens off from laying but we helped give then plenty of exercise.

As I write this the Kilburn Woods trail/cross country is under way. The last Championship race of the year. Under the mud it’s firm, fast and lots of fun. Don’t worry if it rains because the course can’t get any worse. We did ours this morning. Several others have been since.
Time to get dirty, keep smiling and see you soon, Rob.
ps. I’m absolutely shattered so tonight we’re going to have a drink. A big one!!

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