Training w/c 12/07/21

Harriers Weekly                                                           12th July 2021

Please make sure you check out race info after training for the latest….

This week’s training: Sowerby Gateway Track 6:50 start:
Monday 12th July :
Warm ups including light core work:
22 mins of 1 min easy/ 1 min brisk pace.  Cool down and stretches. 
Wednesday 7th July: 
Speed endurance:
2 sets of 3 x 4 mins @ 5k pace/ intensity / 1 min rolling recovery / 2 mins between sets.
In other words very similar to last week but the intervals are slightly longer however there fewer of them. Try and keep your efforts even and pace yourself to finish the session. Don’t worry about speed because as you get stronger and more confident this will improve. I expect everyone to encourage and to help each other along. Each and everyone of us requires a little help from time to time at whatever level we are at, on or off the track.  

Weekend long run:
80 minutes of continuous running on trail with 2 x 10 mins @ 10k pace. Equal distance apart.  

 As you now know we have moved the speed endurance sessions from Monday to Wednesday which is how they always used to be before Covid. It means we can now all train together and help one another. It also takes a little pressure off the coaches as they all enjoy this session too. This should be your hardest session of the week. It would help if during the recoveries you did a steady walk or jog. This help will keep the oxygen moving around your body easier. It also could help prevent injury as you set off again and it also has the benefit off increasing your mileage during the session. Your body will adjust, you just have to give it the chance. 

You really should be finding time to do at least one core/ weight session when not at harriers. If you need help with this then just ask us at training and we can put something together for you. 
Remember. Prepare the body, focus the mind. Trust in your training and believe in your self. Always.     Rob  

Forthcoming Races:
Important Date for your diary –  Thursday 26th to 29th August.
Virtual World Mountain Running Championships 
Kilburn woods. Approx 5.6 miles with a few up and downy bits.
Teams of 6 which will be pulled out of a hat, but this is also a club championship race so points are available. It takes the place of the Kilburn 7.
 Full details will follow in a separate email – you will need to enter before 20th July.   

HDSL (Harrogate District Summer League)
For those of you already signed up for the next race – Wetherby (Sicklinghall) on 21st July, you need to collect your number from Sharon or Duncan on the night.

 If you want to run any of the remaining races – see info on previous emails or go to the Harrogate League website which has all the info. 

Please also click below for some future races – and let me know if you want any others you are aware of added.
As you’ll see on the list, some Championship races are now ‘actual’ and the dates are coming up – so get booked- especially for the James Herriot!

Race List

And a few further thoughts from Rob:
When Christine and I were charged by the herd of elephants in South Africa, in the little time that we had, I was convinced I was going to die. I was having similar thoughts last night on the SGT during the 6th, 7th and 8th interval. It was a tough session for all those who took part. If you want to improve and to be the best you can be then you have to do these sessions. I’m sorry to say they don’t ever come any easier, it’s just that you become stronger and faster as the weeks and months go by. You can’t beat a little discipline in your training but we can now relax a little now that we all know what we are doing.    

When we first went into lockdown in March last year none of us knew what to expect or how long it was likely to last. Now we are almost coming out at the “other side” I can tell you that your club has provided during covid restrictions 28 virtual races, fifty plus training sessions, 12 time trials, four handicap races, one virtual notaparkrun, completed a full 12 week beginners course and during the same period we have changed our training venue to the Sowerby Gateway Track.  Quite a challenge but I think that you have to admit we have done pretty much ok.  Some clubs shut down totally during this time. Where will we be in six months time? 


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