Training w/c 12/04/21

This week’s training at Sowerby Gateway Track:
Monday 12th April 6.50 start.
The grass group: Warm ups, light core work followed by 12 x 1 min @ a strong, smooth and relaxed 5k pace with just 30 sec recovery.
Pace, pace, pace. Get this right and you will have a good session and it will give you the confidence to go for a good time on Thursday. If you don’t then you will struggle.
If it’s cold you need to wrap up well. Last Monday we had snow. Numbers were half they were the week before. Do not put your woolly hat away just yet.

Wednesday 14th April 6.50 start.
Warm ups, light core work followed by 8 x 200 @ 5 k pace jog 100 m recovery . Almost ready to run a fast 5k!

Tonight is the first night of the beginners group. The course is full, selling out in just over a week. Tom is leading this group under the guidance of Andy. Please, if you see someone who is looking a little bit lost then they might be looking to join this group . Greet them with a smile and point them in the right direction. Good luck to all involved. We were all beginners once upon a time. Let the journey begin.

Weekend long run:
70 to 75 mins. Steady and relaxed on trail.

Forthcoming Races:
15th-18th April: 6th Club Championship Race
‘Spring coast road 5k’ on the Sowerby Gateway track. Full details in separate email to follow.

Sunday 11th April – Swainby Sweep:

The 2021 Hooded Horse 10K Trail Race in Memory of Ben Campbell
Sunday 27/06/2021 10am -12.30pm
Details on Facebook, entries through Bookitzone.

Melmerby 10k:
Not yet confirmed, but the plan is for the course to be open from the 1st May until 31st May and you need to register 48hrs before the date you wish to run, free of charge.

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