Training w/c 05/04/21

This week’s training at Sowerby Gateway Track:
Please note the following before coming to training:
1. Covid Rules continue the same as detailed last week. 
2. Warm ups will start at 6.55pm, everyone to be signed in before you go onto the track ready to start. 
3. Ken will be down with a barrow load of club kit for those looking for a new top. Maybe now is the time to start wearing your club vests. Run tall, run proud and go like the wind. 

Monday 5th April
6.55 warm ups for 7pm start.
2 groups as last week, light warm ups, light core work followed by intervals either on grass or on the track. 
6 x 3 mins @ 5k pace/ 1 min jog rec. 

If you raced or ran your long run on Sunday then reduce your effort to 10k or slightly slower pace.
Let’s get sorted a little quicker this week. Fast ones at the front, not quite so fast ones towards the back. This way we don’t have to pass one another and we all keep our distance. We all start the session together and we all finish together. Just adjust the intensity to suit. Pace judgement is the key.  I hope all you newer members are enjoying the challenge. 

Wednesday 7th April :
Easter  Handicap – please see separate email with instructions.

Weekend long run:    
75 minutes to include 3 x 10 mins @ stronger/ 10 mile pace placed at even intervals.

Forthcoming Races:
If you’ve not yet run this weekend’s Championship race, good luck!, don’t forget results to be submitted before 9pm on Sunday – details last week’s race email .
The 2021 Hooded Horse 10K Trail Race in Memory of Ben Campbell  
Sunday 27/06/2021 10am -12.30pm
Details on Facebook, entries through Bookitzone.

And a few final thoughts from Rob :
I ran my first club handicap race at Christmas 1982. It was a 4 mile cross country and ankle deep in mud. Perfect conditions for everyone. I’ve been responsible for every handicap since. It’s a lot of races, a lot of years and a lot of responsibility. I try to make them a little bit of a challenge, a little bit competitive, to give plenty of variety and fun.  It has to be fair and it also has to be safe. This one is no different. I’m using the wasteland because we may not get the chance to use it again. Grasp the moment. Always. Please come along and enjoy.

See you all on the road to Sand Hutton, Rob. 

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