Tough Night Wednesday Then Get Dirty In Whitby

Monday 22nd October 7pm.Thirsk School

Wednesday 24th  October 7pm. Sports Hall
We are now in the building phase and this week is going to be quite tough! Nothing you can’t all manage so work at it and you will be fine.
3min, 4min,5min, 6min/ 1min recovery. Again the newer or weaker members have a 2min recovery( Shorter effort) and group up once again at the end of recovery . Outside group will have to get a little bit organised but it can work!!
Next saturday is your chance to try the xcountry at Whitby. I think one of the best courses ever as it has a little of everything!! Fast, tough, hills and even mud. You are not a runner until you have run xcountry!!
However, next sunday we have another Club Championship race. Harewood 10 mile trail run. You will enjoy it!! Can we please have weather like we had today? Two years ago we had lots and lots of rain and whole course was covered in water. Not one bit enjoyable.
Christine and I had our long run this weekend on the old Scarborough to Whitby railway line. We went out early, just as the rising sun came up over the sea. The autumn colours are now truely wonderful. For the record 34minutes out, 32minutes back.
                                               See you soon, Rob

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