Time Trial 2.2 miles Of Fun

7pm-8pm       Monday 24th School Gym,  however, knowing Sonja and if the weather is fine, we will be outside for the first half hour and then perhaps indoors.
7pm-8pm      Wednesday 26th Sept Sports Hall, followed by a 2 mile time trial . Paul will be taking you tonight and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

We are now booked into 1 hour slots so please try to be on time for a prompt start.
Christine and I will be away for a short while as we are taking our Grand daughter Felicity,  who was born last January, down to South Wales for a spot of fun. I am going to cuddle her to death and spoil her something rotten. Fliss ( I’m not supposed to call her Fliss but I do!!) and I are going to look for a cake shop and we’re going to buy the biggest cream bun ever. I took her to Betty’s once but Fat Raskels aren’t as much fun as cream cakes. We thought we might also try and find “Jones the Steam” and we could cum-cha cum-cha cum-cha up and down the valleys and I could look out the window while she has a sleep on my knee. Gosh, I never knew life could be so much fun!!
                                             Go on, you’ve got to smile,
                                                                                      See you soon, Rob

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