The Mileage Challenge

The Mileage Challenge from 2011

Here is the story so far from Phillip Hester and Fran having some fun and try to complete our own challenge and encourage other running to do more miles

Phillip Craig challenge of 2011

The year began with me training for the London Marathon and completed my second marathon in 3 years I then took a rest after the marathon from running just to recover.  I then fell into having no motivation and was looking for something to get me back into running so I did the 30 in 30 challenge from map my run (30 miles in 30 day) I completed that challenge and I was look for something more of challenge and noticed Fran was doing her own challenge so after winding her up on Facebook she challenged me to set a target and aim for that every month and the rest is history I then got hamstring injury and couldn’t do any running for 10 weeks which frustrated me but I am now back running and did my last running of 2011 on New Years Eve and felt so happy to be back running

My aim for 2012 is to do a sub 60 minutes at Darlington 10k or at Tholthope 10k and to cover at least 2000 miles over the year I also aim to do the GNR again this year

So if you would like to follow us on Facebook or join in on the challenge with me Fran and Hester you are more than welcome to do so. We are just three normal runners who are trying to improve our running.

Fran Jeffery Distance Challenge

Building on the last couple of months of 2010, I decided to continue with my Distance Challenge.
To start with I aimed for 100 miles a month, then gradually increased over the summer to 150, with the long term goal being 1000 miles during the year.
My challenge inspired Phillip to do some extra training and later Hester joined us as she returned from an ankle injury.
I hit the 1000mile mark in August and through a combination of walking and running, I’ve covered 1595.67 miles this year.
I wouldn’t have achieved this without the motivation and support of Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers.

So, what next?
My goals for 2012 include completing the Swaledale Marathon and getting a sub-50 10k. During the training for this, I hope to cover 1800 miles and also explore some new and wild places on foot. The journey will be a long but exciting one and I can’t wait to get started!

Hester Cox
December total: 153.26m (12,755′ ascent)
Total miles run in 2011 = 1140m.
I started to keep a record of my mileage for running when I was training for the Jura fell race in 2010, unfortunately I had to pull out of that due to injury, but I still find recording distances is a good way to keep me motivated. I used to rely on a piece of copper wire and a map to measure my miles but then I was given a Garmin Forerunner watch on my 40th birthday and that’s really appealed to my inner geek! I spotted that Fran and Phil were challenging each other on Facebook and I posted a few cheeky comments so Phil invited me to join in saying that I could count running and cycling miles as I was only cycling at the time. I’ve had 8 weeks off this summer due to tearing 2 ligaments in my ankle whilst ‘helping’ friends on a Bob Graham Round but the process of not being able to run, rehab and recovery have shown me that what matters to me is getting out for a run in the countryside. It keeps me sane, happy and healthy. I’m only recording my running miles now that I am pretty much recovered and that makes the challenge a tough one as both Fran and Phil are keen walkers plus they have to be two of the most committed harriers that T&S have. I’ll be interested to see if we all manage to achieve our goals for next year and whether Phil does his sub-60min 10k, I reckon he will.
My highlights for 2011 were completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks in 4.30, a new pb at the Mermaid 10k and then completing the Langdale Horseshoe, albeit slowly, after recovering from my injury plus many fantastic runs in the Yorkshire countryside. So my aim for 2012 is to try and stay up and running and do some longer off-road challenges. I’d like to do at least 1500m in 2012 and my main personal goal is to run the Pembrokeshire Coast path in May.  It is a route of 186m through some of my favourite places. I think I’ll be able to navigate it ok, I’ll just keep the sea on one side all the way!

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