Sutton Bank In A Vest

Just when you were thinking of getting your winter clothes out and we get a week like we’ve just had. Christine and I have just had our run on top of Sutton Bank. October 1st at 6pm, in vest and shorts. Could be a first, I think!!
Monday 3rd pm. Now if it is dry and warm, could we meet at 6.45 on the School field and be warmed up and ready for a flying start at 7. Then into the gym shortly afterwards.

Wednesday 5th. 7pm Sports Hall.We’ll try for two sets of steady circuits this week, 4 people in each group. I have been in touch with the School to see if we can have more floor mats.Afterwards we will split into two groups, inside and outside. The outside group will require head torches. If you have not run in the dark with a head torch before you want to try it. Both groups will be doing around 14 minutes of effort.  ( early days yet )


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