Summer Handicap

Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Heading Required
Date: Monday 5th September
Place: Athletic club 7pm (On the cricket field)

Summer Handicap
Distance: 2.18 miles (approx)
On forest trail: Two small climbs

Date: Monday 7th September
Place: Wass woods 6.45pm (or as soon as possible)

Park on the left hand side (west ) at the top of the hill from Wass. Enter the woods and take a left turn to the start which is a couple of minutes away. We will finish just inside the wood close to where you park your cars. You will be set off according to your summer time trial results. Those not having a time will be set off from scratch. Please don’t be late, we need a prompt start. Everyone who runs gets a prize. Afterwards we will meet at Mervin’s for prize giving and nibbles, address is Lowna, Hambleton Lane, Wass, which is at the bottom of the hill on the road opposite the pub. Please bring nibbles to share.

Hope to see you all there, Rob.

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