Rob’s Weekly Blog w/c 9th June

Monday 9th June. 7pm Athletic Club.
A little core work and short reps.
Tuesday 11th June. 7pm Athletic Club.      
Please read carefully and be prepared!!     
2 x ( 3 x 4mins/ 2min rec)  4 mins between sets.  Between efforts 2 & 3 in each set only 90 seconds recovery. At whatever level you are at you need to be running at your time trial/5k pace.   Please try and be prompt or even early so we get a good start. This is probably the hardest session your will have with the club. Please help one another. It would also be good if all those who are taking the coaching course on the 15th June if they could come and take the warm ups.  On the same night Joanne and Peter will be taking the Clubs first ever beginners group so please make them feel welcome and point them in the right direction.
Fantastic. What a good turn out last night and we didn’t have to run in the rain but it certainly was wet. There are no results out as yet but we must have had over 40 runners taking part in the 3rd fixture of the HDSRL.  This must be a record for a single race for the club and also a record in a club championship race.  I can’t say it was my most favourite course ( down hill start didn’t help) but the food was good.

I still see lots of results with Pb next to them. If you have a good result  then please let Marian know all about it!!

Take care,

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