Rob’s Weekly Blog – w/c 27/01/14

Monday 27th Jan. Thirsk School. Gym 7pm. 
We are having some fantastic training these past few weeks. Remember, it’s not what everyone else does, it’s what you do that counts.
Wednesday 29th Jan. Thirsk School. Sports Hall 7pm. Monthly time trial.     
Time to see if all your recent hard training is working. You need to test your progress from time to time, both physically and mentally and a good hard time trial is the best way to do this. A few of you will say that you don’t really like circuits or you don’t like time trials etc but to me it is all part and parcel of the same thing. If you are not strong in the mind you will not be strong in the body!!
Where ever you are running this weekend it looks as though it’s going to be wet. Very wet.
I don’t really like these short, dark winter days. In the morning you get out of bed, open the curtains and you can’t see anything and more often than not it’s raining. I can’t get the washing dry and the bed needs changing. I’ve a slight niggle in my left calf and also a slight cold and just when you think it can’t get any worse two blokes in a white van pull up and nick both your hedge cutters. ( at least they didn’t take the wheel barrow!!)  But on the bright side I’m going to our Felicity’s birthday party this Saturday afternoon and we’re all going to have some fun. I’m told I’m  to be in charge of the hokey cokey but what you are supposed to put in and out and shake all about at a two year olds birthday party I don’t rightly know. I’ll be able to tell you the next time I see you,

See you soon,


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