Rob’s Weekly Blog – w/c 19/05/14

Monday 19th May.  7pm Athletic Club.  Short intervals,light exercices  etc with Sonja.

Wednesday 21st May. 7pm Athletic Club.  Longer Intervals. 3 x ( 1 x 2 min/ 1 rec.  1 x 4 min)   2 min between sets. With all the races going it will  be difficult to attend every training session. There will always be a lighter alternative for those wanting an easier option.

Last week was quite a serious session. Not one of you dropped out ( Paul had a little rest!!) so I think you all deserve a pat on the back. Our little Grandchild would have said it was a “little bit scary”.  I think from now on seeing as though you are all going so well we can safely be sure it is going to be tough and just a little bit scary!! Wednesday night sessions will always have longer efforts than the Monday night session. ( they complement each other well)  You could also add a further speed session to your training by doing a timetrial-Tempo / Parkrun on the friday/ Saturday.  You need to be more aware of the speed you are running at and its sometimes best to leave your watch behind. I run Parkruns without a watch as  it makes me concentrate more on pace, style etc. and sometimes its a surprise as to how fast you really do run.

Tuesday 20th May.The 2nd  HDSRL Fixture. Nidd Valley. (Harrogate)  The Mini bus will leave the Athletic Club 6.00pm.  Hopefully it will be dry enough to not need trail shoes. It can get just a bit muddy but it is quite a short one( 5mile) so you can let yourselves go. If there is a large turnout like the last one then it will also get crowded.

Wednesday 21st May. Fell Race Ossy Oiks.  Just over 5mile but 1800′ of climbing. Perhaps this could be a club championship race for next year!!


Too much choice and two old legs!!  

See you soon,

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