Rob’s Weekly Blog w/c 16/06/14

Sunday 15th June.   8 individuals are taking a leadership course at the Athletic Club. We look forward to you all inspiring and motivating present and future members of Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers. Thank you.
Monday 16th June   7pm Athletic Club.   
A few more core exercises and shorter efforts.
Wednesday 18th June. 7pm Athletic Club.    
6 x 3mins/ 2mins rec.   Those not racing Thursday should aim at a pace 5 seconds a k faster than last week, ie. hence the longer recovery. Those racing Thursday need to be relaxed and not too brisk. Just go through the motions.  Good luck to those taking part in the fell race.
Last week we had 15 people taking part in the beginners group which was great ( your life could now change for ever!!). If anyone reading this fancies taking part it is not too late to enter. Just come along and join in. Wednesday 7pm.

Thursday 19th June.  This is the last fixture of the HDSRL and it is at Leeds. The website describes the course perfectly. Trail running at its best and the faster you run the downhill section the more exhilarating it is. If its wet you will be bouncing off the trees. ( oh yes you will) This is also a Club championship race so there are points to be gained. The mini bus will leave the Athletic Club at 6pm in time for you all to have a good warm up.Don’t forget your number. Christine and I will not be with you. ( but don’t let her know until Monday,it’s a secret!!)

At times its difficult to motivate. Its not always easy to put your running shoes on and get out the door. We all have the same doubts from time to time. 5 minutes down the road we are left wondering what all the fuss was all about. Just get out and do it!!  

Have a good week end,


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