Rob’s Weekly Blog W/C 14/10/13

Mon 14th October.  7pm  School Gym 7pm.

Wed 16th October. 7pm School sports Hall.     
2 x sets Circuits ( Last week for this. We have a surprise for the following week)
Inside group with Paul. ( he likes to  keep you guessing)
Outside Group.  8 x 2mins/1 rec ( I like to keep you guessing as well but if I don’t write it down I forget!!)

AGM.  Last week you all agreed to keep me on as your Chairman for another year and I was also given the tittle of Life Time Member. Maybe it isn’t too bad getting old after all. Thank you for this and to be truthful I am just starting to enjoy it. I am blessed to have such an hard working team behind the scenes. Everyone does their little bit and we have a much better balanced committee than for some time. However, we do need you help to keep moving forward. Come forward with your ideas, comments (good and bad) etc and lets make this an even better club for all to enjoy. Its not what you have done in the past or might be doing in the future. It’s what you are doing now that matters!!


We have been planting lots and lots of bulbs (10,000) lately and I think it has made Christine a little unsteady on her feet. She split her head open on the garage door last week and for once I didn’t get the blame! It was also around the same time she set the kitchen chimney on fire. Gosh, she does live an exciting life.


We have been having a bespoke (expensive) kitchen fitted these past few months and it now at the stage where it is starting to look posh. So posh in fact that  Molly(dog) and I are wondering if we will be able to use it. We are looking at fitting a glass splash back behind the hob, we know the colours we want to use and we know the guy who can make it. It will probably mean a trip to Wales to put it in place. We also want to hang a picture on the wall but can’t decide between a Dougie Hyde ( humour and happiness) and Peter Lik (Wow factor and inspiration) Can you help us ?

I’m now going to shower before  our grandchild arrives. It’s going to be a morning of cuddles, Peppa Pig and Big Gooey Cakes ( don’t tell her Mum!)


I can feel a run coming on so see you later,

Have a good weekend,

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