Rob’s Weekly Blog w/c 03/02/14

Monday 3rd Feb.    Thirsk School Gym 7pm.        
Sonja is working out a new programme this very minute! There will be no inside training on a Wednesday night for the next 3 weeks so if you are enjoying the circuits and it is an important part of your training schedule then it would be best if you came to the Monday night sessions. Last week we did a 30 minute circuit workout so it is quite an intense session.


Wednesday 5th Feb.  Athletic Club-Newsham road.  7pm.
We will be working on 16 mins of effort with a short recovery. It will be on grass so you may like to wear a light fell or trail shoe but it should be dry enough for road shoes with a little grip. It is a quick, drying surface. A head torch would also be useful but you can manage without.


Time Trial.   Thanks to all those who turned out to help with time keeping and to all those who ran. Perfect night for January and you all looked as though you were enjoying it. I have been using station road now for time trials for well over 30 years and I still enjoy it. It doesn’t really matter if it is not an exact distance, the main thing is that it is the same distance from start to finish whenever you go. Summer ,winter night or day, you could always get an indication as to how well you were running. It is also safe from traffic, flat, pretty well  lit and you don’t have to cross any road junctions.(Mr Lidl altered that last bit) . From the first light opposite Tesco to the Bus stop at the station is approx. a mile.  Occasionally at this time of year,  Mervin (My brother), Charles Stead (He was only 17 years old)and I used to do 2 x 2 mile on a Saturday morning. We would set off 5 seconds apart and race each other to see who was first to finish. Have 10 mins rest then do it again!! The aim was to get under 10 mins on each one.  All  these years later it still feels as hard, I just have to do it for longer, a lot longer.

Broughton Woods Wobble Fell Race. Sunday 2nd Feb 10.30 am. If you like it tough then this is the one for you. 1300′ of climbing would be bad enough but I hear there is also lots and lots of mud. Don’t chase it early on as the last 2 miles are as tough as you will get. But the sense of achievement you will get once you have finished will be worth every penny you spend on the entry fee. Have a good warm up and you will be fine.   


Good luck and see you soon,


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