Rob’s Weekly Blog + training w/c 01/09/14

We are now into winter training!! The school has put its hire rates up by 50% so we should take full advantage of our winter facilities. From now on we meet at Thirsk school on Topcliffe Road.
Monday 1st September. 7pm School gym.   Core session, hopefully a light one.
Wednesday 3rd September. 7pm Sports Hall.
Light circuits. Then spilt into 2 groups. One inside and one outside on grass. It will still be light enough yet so no head torches will be needed.  4 x 3min/ 1 recovery. We will build as the term goes on.          

This is the start of my 33rd winters training program and I like this time of year. especially the changing colours of the countryside. I try to keep my training schedule simple, every session has to have a purpose and its just a matter of finding a level your body can cope with. I train 4 (sometimes 5) times a week, always off road and my work is now my recovery run. I no longer now do long, steady recovery runs. I found they were actually doing the opposite by not letting me rest and just wearing me down. Over train and all you will get is colds or injuries,( often both) under train and you will not achieve your best.

See you soon,


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