Rob’s Weekly Blog + training update w/c 25/08/14

Monday 25th August.      No club training.  
Get your feet up and have a rest.
Wednesday 27th 6.45pm Athletic Club.           
Club Summer Handicap Race.  First runners to start at 7.20 Approx. It is now getting dark earlier so a prompt start would be good.
I know quite a few of you have baby sitters etc so it is planned to have prize giving straight after the run so you are not late home. Everyone who runs will get a prize. Not expecting people to bring nibbles but this doesn’t stop you going for a drink in the bar afterwards.
It will be a new course so it would be appreciated if we can have volunteers to help mark out, time keep etc. Ian put his name forward to help measure the course (2 miles) and racecourse Steve has given us permission to run around the inside of the race course (not on it please!) With the cricket and football fields we should be able to make quite a good fast circuit. Road shoes will be fine but for those serious about xcountry (relays!) it may be a good idea to start using either a light trail or spiked running shoes. For those who may not have a time trial time then please have a quiet word with Stopwatch Steve and he will find a starting time to slot you in to.
Winter training starts at the school on the 1st September so could we have a short meeting of coaches just after the Handicap. Pete H and Greg, if you are in the area would you mind dropping in for quicky. Your help is appreciated and it would be good if you could say when you are available. 
Sessay Swift Six. It’s just over 2 years ago  when Marian said she had a little idea in the back of her mind  and that little idea has turned out to be a very friendly and successful event. Lots of smiling faces, lots of helpers and lots of happy people. Thank you Marian. During the race I was passed by someone pushing a pram which is a first. I was also passed by quite a few yellow vests and lets not forget the guy from Italy!! You are all now marked men!!
See you soon,


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