Rob’s Weekly Blog + training update 09/02/15

Sunday 8th Feb.
Club Championship Xcountry. Richmond Racecourse.
Thirsk town Centre Clock 12.30. This is an open and quite often a cold place to be. Wrap up well and warm up in good time. The course is on a slope with two long straights with a loop on each end. The slight uphill section is normally against a strong wind. Normally you can away without wearing spikes. I will bring some spare vests for those newer members who may want to try it out. Duncan will be expecting you!!

Mon 9th Feb. Thirsk School. Gym 7pm.

Tuesday 10th Feb. Athletic Club. 7pm.  Hi-vis vests please.

Wed 11th Feb Athletic Club. 7pm.  On grass and a head torch but not essential. Is there anyone available for little technical whistle blowing? No previous experience necessary, common sense is quite suffice.



I am hoping to be running this Sunday and quite looking forward to it. I was also hoping for a steady return but then I met Martyn in the corridor after training and he said he was looking forward to beating me. Why does life have to be so complicated? Yesterday I was lucky enough to be digging a trench ( it kept me warm!) and putting in a drain and today Christine and I have been clearing a garden border all day. Just at the moment my body feels as though rigor mortis has taken upon it.!


Our eldest grand-daughter who is just 3 has started to learn French at her nursery. She comes home and practices on her younger sister who is just 9 months but gets very frustrated when she gets no response. Then she starts to practice on me!!   Sorry but I don’t do French either but she still loved me enough to give me a kiss.


See you all Sunday


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