Rob’s Weekly Blog + club training W/C 21/07/14

Monday 21st July 7pm. Athletic Club.  Please could we have an early start due to our little secret!! I think I have just about recovered from last weeks session. It took until about friday morning.

Wednesday 23rd July. 7pm. Athletic Club.  The beginners group are making good progress. They did 2 miles last week and are well on target for for Sessay next month.
Core group.  
6 x 3 mins. / We will keep shocking the system and alternate between 1 and 2 mins recovery between each effort. Could we have a time keeper please!!


Next Sunday(27th) is yet another Club Championship race. Herriot Trail 14k and is classified as a fell race. Basically there are 2 climbs and not too technical. The first climb is a long drag and the second is quite sharp but short. On the good side there two long descents with along drag back to the finish. Quite enjoyable really.

Wednesday 6th August. A short meeting for all coaches after training at the Athletic Club.  8’ish. Please.

Today I am looking after Fliss.(Grand child) She has called me to say she is coming to visit. I am speed dial 5 on her mums phone. She is only two and a half. I didn’t use my first phone until I was about 11 years old and it was half a mile away in the nearest village. I can remember my Grandad telling me stories, especially how he used to plough the fields with his horse and plough and how straight he used to turn the furrow. Apparently the secret to  having a long straight furrow was having a bag of best quality carrots. Put them in the hedge bottom at the far end of the field and line the horse up so it could see the carrots and it would go in a dead straight line across the field. It worked every time . This is why in the old days they did not plough at night unless it was a full moon. Grandad had a friend who also had a horse and plough but he could never plough straight. They thought it might not like carrots so they tried it with turnips and so on but the  horse never improved and the furrow  remained a twisty line across the field. After a couple of winters Grandad notice a large bruise in the middle of the horses head and he asked his friend how it had happened. His friend said when the horse gets somewhere where he doesn’t know his surroundings he keeps bumping into things. The horse was blind! I used to like my grandads stories. 

See you soon,

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