Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 9/11/15

Monday 9th November – 7pm – Thirsk School Gym

Last week we did a 30 minute circuit session very similar to the one we did at RAF Linton, we didn’t have the same amount of area to do it in but I think it worked just fine. How did Sonja manage to remember all those different exercises??

Tuesday 10 November – Social run – 7pm – Thirsk Leisure Centre (meet in foyer)

4-5 miles at approx 10 mins/mile on well lit paths and pavements, please wear high vis if you have it. All abilities welcome; we will stop to regroup/run back so no-one gets left behind.

Wednesday 11th November – 7pm – Thirsk School sports hall

Back to normal and more core work with Peter (extreme Peter!!) It’s all starting to come together now, surely you have all noticed an increase in your strength and ability to do the exercises. From now on your running will start to improve too.

Paul is also back to increase your lung capacity if you are staying indoors and for the outside group 2 x ( 2 x 4min/1 min rec) 3 min

A note from Rob….

Yes, you will have all seen that entries are now being taken for the Thirsk 10. A short while ago 40 runners had already entered so I can see it being full once more. I’m sure Marian, Fran and Phillip will keep you all up to date.

Last weekend we had around 20 volunteers ( and several runners) help out with the running of the Fountains parkrun and everyone was justifiably pleased with how it went. Thanks for that and thank you to Jane and Martin for putting it all together. Jane was very worried about the introduction she had to do but she did us proud, well done and didn’t we have some very scary ghosts- I’m sort of glad I didn’t run. I think it only fair we do something similar at Northallerton parkrun towards spring so look out for this one.

What a brilliant turn out we had at last Wednesday’s time trial, ideal conditions and a good night for running. For those who forgot their hi-vis vests or don’t have one the club does have a few @ £4 each. (see me!!)They don’t make you run any better but they may just help you keep running for just that little bit longer.

I did manage to complete the Guy Fawkes 10 last week end. Yes, it was tough and yes, I did have to walk up 3 of the 4 hills and yes, it was 24 minutes slower than my fastest 10 mile ever but I did enjoy it. It’s all about the challenge and if you like it tough then this is the one to do. But i do know you like it tough because you keep telling me you do. I would suggest you all look out for the next xcountry at Hartlepool a week on sunday ( details to follow) I’m not trying to put you off but this is one of the toughest tracks you will run on at club level. It has hills, mud and even a beck to run through. Just brilliant.

I’m going to be a grandad again. Next May we are going to have our 3rd grandchild and only ever having had one child our selves we are finding quite hard going. It’s getting quite costly too and there is only so much Peppa pig you can take. The youngest grandchild and i go around grunting to one another and after a while grunting becomes quite the norm. I can be working away in a clients border and all of a sudden I’ll just come out with a Peppa grunt and quite what they think if they hear me I don’t dare to think. Even worse, I bumped into Christine a couple of days ago in a garden and I grunted at her as well as she went past with the (famous) wheel barrow. I’ll just say Christine was never a lover of Peppa and quite what books I’ll read when the third comes along only time will tell. Sometimes Christine doesn’t have a very good sense of humour and neither does her mother if it comes to that.

Keep smiling, Grandad Rob

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