Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 5/12/16

Monday 5th December. 7pm Thirsk School. Gym.

Hopefully you have all recovered from last week and I was wondering if Paul was going to be with us once more. He did say he would surprise at least once before Christmas.

Wednesday 7th December. 7-8pm Middlesbrough Sports Village.  Alan Peacock Way TS4 3AE Athletics Track.

This week the school will be closed so there is no inside session on Wednesday night however the 400metre Athletics track is available just for us. This is for the use of everyone and has already been paid for so lets go and enjoy it.  If you require a lift then meet up at the Athletic Club car park shortly before 6pm, remember we leave at 6pm prompt.  There are changing rooms and showers available but you should aim to be in front of the stand opposite the start/finish line at apporx 6.50pm. I can then brief you about what we are about to do with a prompt start at 7. Please be careful as the track could still be in use before our intended start.
Road shoes are fine. It could also be cold so come wearing plenty of layers but you will soon warm up. ( Honest!!) Please come prepared for a hard session so adjust your training on Mon/Tues accordingly. This is week 12 since we started back in the Autumn term, all of which should lead you into this session. It will be very similar to last time but I expect you all to be a little bit stronger. I also have another little surprise at the end but you wouldn’t expect anything else,  be prepared for the unexpected!!! If there is someone who is quite handy with a clip board,paper and pencil then i would love to have you with us, the pay is bad but you don’t need any qualification, previous experience, etc to do the job in mind. If for any reason the track is cancelled the we could do it all on the cricket ground at the Athletic Club!

Christmas Dinner

Bev tells me there are only a couple or so tickets left,. ! Gosh, you’d think she must have  been giving them away . I have heard we may not just have one but two visits from our special magic producing fairy this year but don’t tell anyone I told you so because it’s a secret.
This weekend we are looking after the Grand kids. Our mission is to walk to the top of the Arboretum ( ok, back field.) and choose a Christmas tree. There are about a dozen to choose from, 12′ tall and above so it is quite a task. I need about 15 to 20 seconds to make up my mind but Grandma Chris likes to take the more relax approach and could make it last all day. I’ve found novel way to speed up the process. I take a few chocolate treats and tie them in a tree just out of the reach of the little ones and provided I put them all in the same tree then this is the one I cut down so they get their treats. We all carry it back home together and spend the rest of the day putting on the “sparkly things”. JP, the middle one doesn’t want to see Santa but she wouldn’t mind him putting something in her stocking but only when she is asleep. Grandma Chris said she wants Santa to put something in her stocking, also when she is asleep. Her wish would come true if she only told Grandad Rob where she hung the chuffing thing before she went to bed. This weekend is going to be a lovely weekend.

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