Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 31/07/16

Monday 1st August.(August all ready!) 7pm. White Horse car park.

The one just below the steps!! We can split into groups a bit like last time and if it is wet bring along something with a little bit of grip, you may find it quite challenging in road flats. I can adjust the session for all abilities but come expecting a good workout. I apologise for those doing the fell race this weekend!!

Wednesday 3rd August 7pm Athletic Club.

Core work followed by 3 x 6 mins / 3 recovery. Did you all read the article Pete put in the local paper? I told you he was good but you wouldn’t believe me. Well done Pete and please be gentle with us on Wed pm.

Saturday 30th July. Parkrun Northallerton.

It is 1 year since the first Northallerton parkrun and I believe there are one or two surprises to be had. Herriot Hospice are going to provide a few goodies/surprises so a few of you may want to pop along.

Sunday 31st July. James Herriot trail race. 14k. A club championship race.

There are two hills, the first once is quite long which comes early on and the second around half way which is quite steep but you get rewarded with a long down hill section. The worst part of this race is that you always seem to be running into a head wind once you are top of the moor, that’s when you need to get tucked into the back of someone and pretend you are suffering. Once it gets a little easier going trot off past and look for someone else to hide behind. I used to do this with my brother all the time!! ( he’s bigger than me)

At this time of year we get lots and lots of hedges to cut, it’s hard work but I quite enjoy it. One large garden we look after takes around 8 days to complete the cutting and the Lady of the house loves the way I create movement and she also like the way I put waves in the taller hedges. I find the best way to create these waves and movement is to take off my glasses, things become a little blurred but it seems to work. Being brought up as a lad on a farm I find this movement stuff a little difficult to understand but I can tell a good job when I see one and as Christine is quality control then if it passes her judgement then its fine by me. Around four o clock yesterday afternoon when I was putting a wave in one of these hedges I disturbed a wasps nest and within a couple of seconds I was stung six times. The wasps were in my shirt and trousers, I instantly took them off and ran around the garden for a few seconds in my underpants. Now that’s what I call creating movement in a garden!!

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