Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 30/11/15

Monday 30th November – 7pm – Thirsk School gym

More golf ball experiences!!

Wednesday 2nd December – 7pm – Thirsk Athletic Club

Please note the change of venue. We have now finished at the school on Wednesday nights until after Christmas. Time for something completely different. Peter(extreme), Nikki J and JDW are going to put something together which I’m sure we will all enjoy. More and more of you keep turning out for these sessions so perhaps we need to have more coaches present so it will be a learning curve for both parties. Could you all please listen to the instructions, it is very frustrating if people keep asking what they are supposed to be doing or even worse you end up doing the exercises wrong. If you have head torches please bring them, wrap up warm and it would be best if your shoes had a light stud/ tread on them. Don’t worry if the weather is cold because i’m sure you will all soon warm up.

Sunday 29th November. NY/SD Crosscountry League meeting at Croft

The final club championship race of the year and also the last xcountry before Christmas. The first junior race starts at 1pm. The course will be wet, very wet and also muddy. There could even be standing water so it is best to bring your wellies, especially if you want to walk the course beforehand. I would suggest warming up on the motor circuit and put on your spikes shortly before the start then at least your feet will be warm. On each lap there are 4 short, sharp little climbs so practice getting on your toes and pushing over the top, let yourself go on the down hill bits- this all helps the finish come that much sooner. We wouldn’t want to get bored would we?

The results for the time trial will shortly be with you. I won’t tell you who won but 90% of you ran faster than you expected which goes to prove you don’t need to have a watch to run quickly and just maybe you were all listening to Pete in the Sports hall when doing your warm ups. Three of you were within 2 seconds of your predicted time which I think is fantastic.

Someone left a blue training top on Wednesday night. Have you missed it yet? Also Ken W what size are you because I need to sort you a vest out for Sunday.

Did you all see the photos from the Lakes? A right cool weekend and this time I managed to get a shower, it was Christine who had to miss out. ( she soon gets a bit grumpy about such things) Each year I think the weekend couldn’t possibly be better than the last but then I think this year again it actually did. I was so shattered on the drive home i had to pull over and have a power nap, I’ve done nothing but sleep since.

See you Sunday, Rob

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