Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 29/05/16

Monday 30th May 7pm. Athletic Club.

I know it is bank holiday but I’ll be doing a rolling circuit similar to a couple of weeks ago so if you want to join me, you are quite welcome to come and join me. A few gentle strides afterwards to loosen up in time for tomorrow night.

Tuesday 31st may. 7.45pm HDSRL Swaledale, East Harlsey.

A club Championship Race. After a brilliant turn out last Tuesday ( 31 ) I would think we will see a similar number out at East Harsley. A long, downhill start will probably get you going a little faster than you would have hoped, a hill at 4 mile will remind you of this so keep a little in reserve. This is also the longest race in the series so don’t be surprised if it seems harder than the previous two fixtures, the finish will take some reeling in!!

Wednesday 1st June. 7pm Athletic Club.

For those with any energy left it is hoped to start with a little core work followed by 3 x 6 mins / 3mins recovery.

Our eldest grandchild did her first junior parkrun last Sunday, I promised I would buy her a pair of trainers once she started to run but only if she wanted to do it. On Monday she text’d me saying her legs ached, and that new trainers may help them stop aching so I’m sure we have a runner in the making. Only a couple of weeks ago she wanted to be a cyclist, the fasted one in the whole wide world. I said it would be best for her to stick at running because If her Dad was too tight to buy her a decent pair of running shoes Grandad Rob wasn’t going to keep her in with Bikes. She thought that was sound advice and now she wants Grandad Rob to come and watch her run on Sunday in her new running shoes!!

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