Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 29/02/16

Monday 29th Feb. 7pm Thirsk School gym

Only a few more weeks to go so please make good use of the facilities.

Wednesday 2nd 7pm. Schools Sports Hall

Peter should be back with us so more fun and games!!

Outside Group: 2 x ( 4 x 2 mins/1 rec) 2 mins between sets

Saturday 5th March. A club championship race. Lightwater Valley 10k. 11.30am

It is classed as a trail race but it’s mostly a road race with a few uneven bit in it. Road shoes will be fine.

Sadly Christine and I won’t be doing it but I will be looking at the results. I know one or two people who will be looking for a good time but hopefully not too many easy points. We are going for a spot of cold weather training, it was minus 22C last night where we are going so we won’t be needing vest and shorts.

Last night was time trial night, again a good night for running and fast times and once more a good turnout. However, we had a visit on the finish line from a chappy who said he had nearly run over someone!! This runner was dressed all in black and was running in the cycle lane ( I guess this person must have been driving in the cycle lane as well.) and at the last moment managed to evade a bump. Now, I don’t really like complaining, ( well, not all the time!) I also hate paper work and I don’t like funerals so can’t we all start wearing hi-vis vests and keep off the roads when the paths are good. These bibs only cost a few quid, they are also light and trust me, they will not make you run any slower, they just might help you keep running that bit longer. Don’t lets have to make it a club rule, lets just do it!

Have you all noticed the full moon these past few nights? I had a look out at 2am this morning and it was just like day but so quiet and peaceful. I really fancied going for a run but I didn’t! Perhaps I am human afterall.

See you soon, Rob

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