Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 28/09/15

Monday 28th September – 7pm – Thirsk School Gym


Tuesdays – CANCELLED
Wednesday 30th September – 7pm –  Thirsk School Sports Hall

Warm up at school followed by monthly time trial on Station road (meet at Lidl car park).


I hope you are all watching Julian in his day to day work as a country vet. I wonder how long it will be before we see a book ( Xmas present!!) and will we see him in a club vest running around after all these different animals we have on our doorstep. I couldn’t quite work out whether you were wearing make up or was it just the way the light caught your face!! Yes, I liked the prog.

I went for a bike ride in Kilburn woods Tuesday pm. Runners, bikers and generally people everywhere trying to get in some last minute training before the nights get dark early and before the clocks change. Within the the club there are also lots of different competitions, races etc going on and lots of stories to tell. I can’t think it has ever been as busy as it is at the moment and it is great to be part of it.

Yes, I did the race this past weekend in Wales and it went brill.( Christine doesn’t like going up or coming down but she really enjoyed the flat section on top and the shower afterwards!!) I have not run up hill in the past 12 months, I didn’t run at all between mid April to mid August. In the past 30 days I have run 6 races and managed 3 interval sessions on grass and all have been progressively  better with the only blip being Tholthorpe. A total of about 50 miles of running. Slot in 3 pb’s on my bike, 3 aqua jogging sessions and a 30 minute strength session each day for the past month and it just about covers my training for the past month. I ran up the hill as fast as I normally would, I had enough strength to push over the top and plenty of leg speed to accelerate down the descent. It doesn’t matter where you train it’s how you train that matters.   I didn’t think I would ever say this but I am considering replacing my sunday run with a session on the bike, from this I can recover quicker, train harder and it doesn’t hurt afterwards,  I can actually walk without feeling pain – perhaps someone can help me on this one.

Ok, I’m missing for a few days. I’m going biking but I’ll be taking my running shoes because I’ll be doing the same session as the rest of you

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