Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 27/03/2017

Monday 27th March.  7pm Flatts.

Just for a change we are outside once more.  It should be quite light as the clicks will have changed but it means I will be working longer so maybe it’s not such a good thing!!

Wednesday 29th March 7pm Thirsk School Sports Hall.

Warm ups inside than station road time trial. Start at the Tesco end. I keep getting reminded that we start at Lidl but Tesco was there first and It’s British!

Thirsk 10.

This event gets more and more like a family event year after year, it’s a bit just like Christmas and about as enjoyable. Thanks to you all for giving up your Sunday and helping everything go so smoothly. There was just short of a 1000 finishers so maybe our aim next  year should be to get over 1000 mark. It would also be better if we didn’t get so much wind but then it is the spring exodus after all.

A few words from Rob

Zambia-  Siankaba on the banks of the Zambezi is where your donations are going. The response has been unbelievable, out garage is almost full to bursting and you can’t stir for drying running shoes in our kitchen. I was once keeping a tally but lost count when I reached 300 pieces of clothing and 30 pairs of shoes. Please, if you are bringing some then don’t be later than this Sunday (26th). We will post them out on Monday via Mark Fox who has offered to pay the postage to a collection point in the uk ( he doesn’t know this yet but he will when I tell him! ) Thank you Mark. They will all be in Siankaba the following week and we should have some photos on facebook and our website by Easter.

A few years ago we both went to India, a couple of hours after landing in Kolkata i sat under a tree at a bus terminus and just watched the world go by. I sat there just numb,didn’t know what to think,. I just couldn’t believe people could live in conditions like this. It was possibly the worst place I had ever seen. Then I began thinking of all the places we had been and all the people we had helped and realised it didn’t matter where or who we are, we all need the same. We all need someone to care,  someone to love and to be loved. We all need hope and the will to carry on. We all need a future. Your donations will make a difference.

Not many people know this but I used to look after cows, hundreds of them. I was one of the first farmers to import Holstein genetics into Britain  from Canada and the USA and at one time I was responsible for one of the largest and highest yielding dairy herds, not just in the UK but Europe. It was my passion and it was my life. I loved my job.  Christine and I have decided we would like to buy the village a cow but it would be wrong to take one from England. 1. it would be too hot and our cows are not too keen on the heat. 2. they are not resistant to the pests and diseases in Zambia. 3. It would probably die. We have been told that a cow would cost around $400 but I don’t whether that would be Daisy with 4 working dilly danglers or Buttercup with all the equipment but still requires a few passionate moments with Billy the Bull. Maybe we should just but 3 little girl cows and name them after our three Grandchildren We are waiting for Head Man Kristen to give us some guidance. I will keep you posted.

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