Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 26/06/16

Monday 27th June. 7pm Athletic Club.

Sonja is on a spot of Hill training for a few days so you will have to put up with me. Much the same as last week but I was hoping for an early start, someone mentioned something about a football match so if I’m not there when we finish you will know where I’ve gone!!!

Tuesday 28th June. 6pm prompt.

Athletic Club for a lift to the HDSRL handicap race at Ripon. Don’t forget your number and also check on your handicap time for a rough idea for when you start, try not to be late.

Wednesday 29th June 7pm.

Sutton Bank Time trial and barbecue, bring your own food but I have a few charcoal blocks from Tesco Nige. The weather is in a good spell at the moment so lets use it. I keep getting asked for hill training, off roading and the like so I thought this time we could organise the tt to do both a hill or a level run. Which route you take is up to you but we can all start at the same place. Gemma, you will like this one!! Just turn up and I will point you all in the right direction.

Did you all like the HDSRL run last Thursday? A rough tot up said 42 ran from the club which is a record for a single race ( I thought we could have one or two more!) but I hope you all agree the conditions were perfect for a good fast run so I would expect you all to have managed to clock up a good time. A time to beat in future years when the going might not be so good. Yellow vests kept popping backwards and forwards past me like I was stood still, most of them with a smile on their face. Sometimes running can be fun.

See you soon, Rob

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