Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 23/11/15

Monday 23rd November – 7pm – Thirsk School Gym.

We are doing (I hope!!) what we did 2 weeks ago (so I’m told) which was a 4 station circuit pyramid. I don’t know whether it will take 35 minutes but I bet it doesn’t half make us sweat.

Wednesday 25th November – 7pm – Thirsk School Sports Hall

Again if we get a good start we can have a good work out with Peter followed by the monthly time trial – station road but this time with a difference. What I want to do is challenge you all by asking you to write your expected finish time at the side of your name on the start list and the one who finishes with their actual time closest to their expected time will get a special prize which will be presented at the Christmas handicap—16th December. All I ask is for you to leave all watches, phones, music etc behind, it’s just you and your body. Are you in control of your body?? Like Peter, I want you to think about what you are doing and then you can tell me how you felt. Run tall, strong and focus.

Lakes 20th- 22nd November

One or two have been asking about the challenge on Saturday night. Firstly it all started off by being late back from a walk one day ( a long, long time ago) and to fit in our daily run it became a mad dash to get over Honister Pass and back in the dark in time for dinner. It has sort of been a tradition ever since for one or two of us to pop over the top (in the dark) while the rest have a soak in the bath with a well deserved glass of wine. Over the years the numbers have slowly risen and I think eleven made it last November, this however was in perfect weather conditions. If you want to do it and are a little undecided then you need to start preparing your mind now one way or the other. You will also need a head torch with batteries. Gavin and I will get you up and we’ll also get you down but you must be prepared for a tough passage. If you can manage a Monday or Wednesday night then you will be strong enough, sometimes we all need to push ourselves outside our comfort zone from time to time. Whatever you decide, we will look after you.

A note from Rob…

You are all working well. Now is not the time to give in but time to keep going. Onwards and upwards, light at the end of the tunnel and all that sort of stuff.

Wilma, here we come.

Keep smiling, Rob

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