Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 22/05/16

Monday 23rd May 7pm Athletic Club.

Sonja will be dreaming up even more different ways to make us suffer, I’m only hoping it is going to be dry because we are usually on the floor.

Tuesday 24th May HDSRL Nidd Valley race to held at the Harrogate Hockey Club.

If you want to run then you need a number, Duncan has some if you are not already registered. You will also need a club vest so I will bring some with me so now we are all happy you just need to turn up and run!! If it stays wet you will need a shoe with a little tread on them otherwise road shoes will be just fine. I think it is just over 5 mile and like most races, the hardest section is in the second half but nothing too steep to give you a sleepless night. Just go and enjoy it.

Wednesday 25th May 7pm Athletic Club.

Tonight is time trial night. I was hoping to have the TT on the track behind the squash courts, a mile out, turn around and come back. Simple and easy to set up. With lots of races and holidays going on it seems a sensible thing to do. However, as ever we need a time keeper as stopwatch Steve is on guard duty and we also need someone with a measurie type of thing to be responsible enough to mark out the distance. Have we anyone out there who can help?

Ripon 10.

Wow, First men and Ladies team in the same race. I’m chuffed for you all and well done, I also see you well assisted from other members of the Club. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Party Time!!

Next year is the 40th anniversary since the club was first founded and I’ve been saying for quite some time that we ought to have a bit of a party but so far I’m a bit short of ideas!! Coincidentally, according to the constitution it is also my time to stand down as Chairman ( providing you want me again this year) and I do also like a bit of a party. We all like getting dressed up a bit and wouldn’t it be nice to have a dinner, dance sort of thing. I also thought it might also be a good idea if we had a challenge, something we could all do and make a day of it. Give me some ideas, I don’t mind organising it because that becomes a challenge in itself ( I do like a challenge).As an example I have just been reading about a train that dropped off 70 mountain bikers in the middle of nowhere and train picked them up later further up the line. That sounded cool to me. At the present time I’m in the process of putting a trip together to go to the USA where I hope to walk the rim to rim in the Grand Canyon as a one-er, hopefully next autumn. The biggest obstacle at the moment is how to tell Christine, she doesn’t know yet but she is supposed to be coming with me. Now, I’m not suggesting you all come with me, it was just an idea. I don’t do ordinary as you probably all know.

You can’t stop now, we’ve only just started,

Have a good weekend, Grandad Rob

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