Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 22/02/16

Monday 22nd February 7pm School gym

Back indoors so it should be quite a bit warmer if nothing else. Sonja will have some new ideas to take us through to the Easter break which is only 4 Mondays away!! Spring is just around the corner.

Wednesday 24th February 7pm School sports Hall

A few light circuits, warm ups etc followed by station road time trial. This is possibly your last chance to fit one in before the Easter Handicap, could we have volunteers to try the time keeping once more please. This worked well the last time, a wink to Steve will do the trick.

A note from Rob…

Thanks to Nikki J last night for looking after us. It wasn’t until the lights came on before we realised she was there and wasn’t it just pure luck for the rain to stop at 1 minute to seven. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it.

It’s baby sitting time once more this coming weekend and don’t the little ones say some of the nicest things!! Our two Grandchildren believe I can still do real magic, I leave little presents around the house from time to time and this keeps them entertained for ages. Felicity, the eldest likes it so much she thought it would be a good idea if I could do real magic at her 4th birthday party but I said my wand was only big enough for two little girls and not lots and lots, however I did say I would try and get a bigger one for next year. Just this past week the two little ones have been on holiday which specialised in games for children, music, dressing up etc and towards the end of the week they hard a real magician. As you can imagine they were totally taken in by this and on the very last act the magician made his assistant disappear, gone not to be seen again. Felicity had a little think about this and then said to her Mum, ” the next time Grandma and Grandad come to visit I’m going to ask Grandad Rob to make Grandma Chris disappear” Do I need to say anything??

Take care and keep smiling, Rob

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