Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 21/11/16

Monday 21st November. Thirsk School. 7pm Gym.

More drills and ladders followed by a 30 minute RAF circuit. Lets see if we have improved from a month ago!! I’m sure we all have.

Wednesday 23rd November. 7pm Athletic Club.

( there will be those who go to the school but there is an Upper School Presentation Evening and we are not invited!!)
Station road time trial with the start at the Station car park at approx 7.20pm. I gave out lots of hi-vis vests last month, don’t forget to bring them with you. Please wear them.

For those who have not been to training on a Monday lately then you may not know but we have Sonja and Andy having us all skip and dance along some ladders placed on the gym floor. It’s all to do with coordination, quick feet and so on and I want them to know I’m trying my best. I’m not too keen on the shorter ladder because by the time I get into some sort of a rhythm I’m out the other end. I much prefer the longer version. I can understand the in and outs, high knees and the jump 2, back 1 as this is how my running seems to be going at the moment. However, In all my running career I fail to see how hop scotch could have ever improved my performance, I’m sure if I try to do this one once more I’m going to end up on the floor.

I would also like to know if the ladders could be adjusted for our fell running athletes, ie, make some of the steps half the size or even block some off altogether. Just like you would expect if you were running down a hill fast, after all no descent comes in any sort of a coordinated way. My brother and I used to go to the top of Sutton Bank, set off a couple of seconds apart and race each other down to Lake Gormire, it was sort of our version of fast feet. When our feet weren’t going quite so fast we would turn around and race each other back up again. I like a practical application if at all possible!!

Cross country, Redcar.

I think the circuit set up this Last Saturday was probably the best trail course the league has ever put on. It had twists, turns, fast sections, strong sections and just about about every different surface under your feet you could fit in. If you like trail then this is the one for you. Sadly, Saturday was not not all good news. Bev, just returning from injury and trying out a steady one was shot not once but twice by some young lads with an air riffle. Bev dusted herself down, reported the incident and carried on to the finish. Investigations are on going and Bev is going for a short break of R & R but we wish her well and hope for a speedy recovery. She will be back next week and she says hurry up and get your Christmas dinner menu’s filled in, there are not many seats left.


Here we go again. Yes, It’s time to wave to Wilma ( the camel) once more as you drive across the A66 and lets hope this large moon can last to the weekend, It will be good have with us going over Honister Pass on Saturday night. The Friday run around Buttermere usually starts at about 3pm exactly and hopefully we can see the sun set once more over the lake. Actually, we never see it set as it is nearly always raining but it sounds good doesn’t it? I’m not doing much running at the moment but if anyone fancies having a quick walk over Honister on Saturday night to join up with the main group setting off a little later then I don’t mind acting as a guide, just ask me nicely then I’m your man. We can do this together.

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