Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 20/02/2017

Monday 20th February. 7pm Flatts. This week is half term so still no school. We are outside again and this week you have to put up with me. Very similar to last week, a little core work followed by speed work between the lights. Sonja said it was quite easy last Monday night so please come expecting me to make it just as easy this next Monday night!!

 Wednesday 22nd February. 7pm Athletic Club.  2 mile Time Trial. Meet at the Station expecting first runners to be off at around  7.20. I’m being told we are expecting a heat wave this next week so this should be good. For those who didn’t turn out last night ( and there were quite a few!!) we didn’t get wet and we did have a cracking good hard session. Legs should be starting to move that much easier from now on!!
Club Championship Race.    Cross Country, Richmond Race Course. (right on top of the hill!)  Yes, it is always windy and basically has a long, steady uphill section followed by a long, not so steady downhill section with a not so easy bit on either end. The ladies tackle 2 laps, the men 4. Quite a few people say they don’t like this course but when you say things like this then you will come second so I’m going to say I like it and hopefully I will run better than at Hartlepool. I wondered if some of you noticed the number of younger athletes in the men’s race, only one Vet in the first 23. Usually you would expect at least 10 so it’s good to see more younger athletes turning out or maybe it was just that the older ones were a little bit wiser and didn’t fancy the mud at Hartlepool. We will see what happens on Sunday. This is the last cross country of the winter, all the start times are as previous fixtures,give of take the odd few minutes.
This weekend Christine and I are going to watch the indoor athletics at Birmingham, It’s a Christmas present she bought me because it was supposed to be Mo Farahs last indoor track appearance but I don’t whether he is running or not at the moment but I’m still going. Laura Muir is going for the British record in the 1000 metres which should be good. I’m also going to take my running stuff because there is a nice footpath along the side of a canal which runs through the centre, I’ll enjoy that I’m sure. ( bet you thought I was going say just in case I was needed! )
                                                                                                                           See you all soon, Rob

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