Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 19/06/16

Monday 20th June 7pm Athletic Club.

Sune is going to take the session before we lose her once again. Thanks for keeping coming back. We miss your smiling face, especially as we are doing the exercises.

I hope the grass is shorter this next week, it was like running in glue the last Monday. ( my legs always feel like they are running in glue)

Wednesday. 22nd 7pm Athletic Club.

A little core work followed by 5 x 4 or 4 x 6 minutes/3 min rec While we are getting large numbers we may as well stay with the long reps, it doesn’t get any easier but it does help having someone to run with.

Preparation for this Thursday seems to be going fine. Sharon has been down to the Auction Mart to check the toilets, apparently the seats are comfortable but the water pressure is low so please don’t be in a hurry. Notices will be put up to remind you of this on the night. Duncan has also been to see the farmer whose land we run across ( he is happy to see us running around his fields and I like to see a happy farmer) and we now see the grass and nettles on the footpath have been cut ( no dock leaves required) so we are more or less good to go. One or two more marshals for around the course would be a bonus and if we could have a fine night weather wise then we will all be happy. Enjoy the night and happy racing.

Did you all enjoy last night? I think we may need a bigger car park next time and by the looks of a few we may need to fit some showers. I also think it more or less worked fine with the two groups working together but on different tracks. I like to keep us all together but at different intensities if I can and I thought that was the best way to do it. In a few weeks time I’d like to go for a bit more altitude and run on the track parallel to the main track, keeping on the single track theme but giving everyone the same experience of running fast over undulating terrain.(and it’s fun too)

See you soon, Rob

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