Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 18/09/16

Monday 19th September. Thirsk School. 18.50.

That’s a bit before 7 due to it getting dark early. Let’s hope it stays dry. If not we will be inside.

Wednesday 21st September. 7pm Athletic Club. NOT AT THE SCHOOL.

On grass and the lights should be on if it’s dry. ( no they are not candles, tennis club will be using them if it’s dry.) Running session. 3 x 5 minutes/ 2 mins recovery. If you have a head torch maybe just bring it along for a run out, the lights may not be on!!

Quite a few of you earlier members ( I was going to write older members but It didn’t sound right!) may remember Laurence Whiteley from his running days at Harriers and then surprised to see he had been competing in Rio at the Paralympic games and then winning a Gold Medal at rowing. The full tittle is Trunk-Arms mixed Double Skull Paralympic Games Gold Medallist and you’ll need a big medal to get all that on. Laurence has always been a talented athlete and maybe the pain he suffered during his running sessions helped him on the water in Rio. A few weeks rest and then I guess he will start training for the next one. I did look out for him on the tv program, The last leg but I didn’t see him. Well done Laurence and hope to see you soon.

I did mention this the other night and I thought it was so cute I’m going to mention it again.

Felicity, our eldest Grandchild started school last week. She told me she was looking forward to it, I suspect mostly because she had lots of new clothes to put on but she also said she was a little bit scared but didn’t know why, no reason given so I didn’t dwell on it. She was also very concerned about leaving her two younger sisters at home without her. School day arrived and as expected she was up early and then the doubts began to set in. However, she put on a brave face and just before she left from home she said to younger sister; I’m going to give you a kiss to put in your pocket and when you feel a little lonely later in the day, just get it out and think of me. This is a 4 year old talking to a 2 year old. I should have had her with me forty odd years ago when I first met Christine, that’s a corker of a line for a first date!!!

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Hello club members and friends of the Thirsk 10 road race. We would just like to provide a brief update to inform everybody that for obvious reasons the Thirsk 10 race will not be held in March 2021 however, we intend to reassess the situation in the Spring with a view to holding the event later in the year subject to national and local restrictions in place at the time. We apologise for the disappointment this will undoubtably cause, however I am sure that everybody appreciates that the Covid 19 Pandemic is a fluid situation with rules and restrictions seemingly changing on a daily basis. We will provide a further update in once we have been able to consider matters. Assuring you of our best intentions at all times, keep running and stay safe. The Thirsk 10 Team.